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The former actor who faked a race attack on himself.

This screwed-up-in-the-head race baiter faked an attack on himself for reasons nobody really understands.  He had a $1,000,000 a year salary as one of the supporting actors on the popular television series, “Empire”.  He spent money as fast as he made it and that, is the crux of the problem.

Sources inside the production company said that he was demanding a significant raise in pay to which producers responded by telling him his role was ‘expendable’.  As is the case in Hollywood, anyone who really bitches a fit can be written out of the show very easily.  You remember Charlie Sheen and what happened to him on 2 ½ Men.

Well, Charlie was demanding more money for reasons unknown to most, but he didn’t go ‘off the deep end’ as Jussie did.  Nope, Jussie took a dive into the deep end and didn’t bring his water wings.  Jussie had another idea.

Jussie had another idea

Jussie, with the help of a couple of his bro’s faked a racist attack on himself.  The idea was to garner sufficient sympathy from the viewing public as to increase his value on Empire.  Had his little plan worked, he might well have become a symbol of systemic racism or some other such fairy tale.

Initially it horrified an already over-sensitive nation and mobilized an already over-manipulated black population.  The thought of having a noose hung around his neck, being defaced and abused, being called n!gg@r and other horrible words was just too for the public much to take.

Had Jussie gotten away with it he would most probably have had the pay raise he demanded, and then some.  Nothing brings more viewers to a show than controversy, especially controversy in which sympathy is extended to a victimized member of the cast.

It didn’t work that way

Well, it didn’t work that way.  In the matter of only a few weeks his poorly handled and badly botched attempt at fooling the press and public fell apart.  Stick by stick and brick by brick his charade came to the public’s eye and, rather than instilling pity and support it brought condemnation at first from the country as a whole and then when it became glaringly obvious to even the stupidest of us, the black population joined in.  Jussie was left out in the cold of his lies, deceit, and stupidity.

The courts convicted him of a number of misdemeanor crimes [Being black helped him to avoid any felony charges] and until now Jussie free on appeal of his conviction.  Game Over!  Jussie’s conviction has been upheld by the courts and little Jussie is off to the hoosegow.

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What’s really different here from the beginning is that he was making demands of increased salary without a leg to stand on.  When Charlie Sheen demanded concessions from his producers he was the star, the leading man.  When Jussie demanded concessions from his producers he was a minor supporting player in a large cast.  Whereas Charlie, a big fish in a big pond, had become almost indispensable, Jussie, a very small fish in a big pond, was almost insignificant.  He was fired from this sweet acting gig by producers following his conviction.

Just a thought.  And Jussie, if you’re planning any such attack while in prison I suggest you think twice.  You’ll be a very small fish in a very big pond and prison is where the big boys play.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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