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Family dogs murdered a 6-year-old boy.

Two Mastiff~Great Dane mixes have murdered a baby.  Once again family pets that should never have been pets have slaughtered a little boy.

When you’ve got a mix of two breeds, both known to be ‘killer breeds’, bad things happen.  When you leave these monsters anywhere near prey [elderly, infirm, small in stature, infants and more] terror and death await.  When you feel ya just gotta own such huge and potentially dangerous animals, you are in for a major surprise … sooner or later.


Dateline Portland, Oregon – Authorities responded to a dog attack yesterday only to find a mother with blood on her hands, two huge angry killer canines, and the chewed-up remains of a 6-year-old boy.  The mother sustained minor injuries trying to stop the killers from slaughtering the little boy.  This was a futile effort since the dogs’ combined weight exceeded her own.  She was treated and released at a nearby hospital.

According to the Police Bureau, officers responded to reports of a dog attack at a home in the Parkrose Heights neighborhood only to find a frantic woman with blood on her hands and clothes standing outside of the home.  As they entered the premises police found a dead 6-year-old boy bleeding out and butchered by the two huge family dogs.

Click here for police spokesman: police spokesperson Mike Benner told KGW8.

As always happens, the owner has tried to dispel guilt by saying, “They have always been gentle.” And owners typically come up with this sort of sh!t such as “We’ve never had any problems with them before.  Or, “They’re good dogs, he/she/victim must have provoked them.

In reality, Danes and Mastiffs don’t need to be provoked to launch into a blind rage.  They are known for their quick tempers and inability to stop an attack once they launch themselves at prey.  Likewise, and even more so is that Mastiffs are predators with a particularly strong bite and poor impulse control.

Dr. Alan Arrdens, DVM says, “This is not a surprise to have happen this way.  Both Danes and Mastiffs are potential threats due to their large size and weight as well as poor impulse control.  When these animals attack it is always with great size and weight advantages over their prey.  They are, after all, predators.

He went on to say that they need a lot of space to run around such as a big back yard and get frustrated when turned into house pets.  This frustration often leads to violent behaviour.  The owner’s responsibility is to keep these larger dogs outside, keep them active, and give them purpose.  These are after all ‘work dogs’, not pets.

The doctor also said, “These are working dogs and should never be kept as house pets

There ya go, another innocent dies on the fangs of predator pets.  With these dogs one would think the pet store was out of Jaguars and Rattlesnakes.  These breeds and mixes must be regulated, licensed, and watched very closely.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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