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Reknown photographer works her magic, but not 'black magic'.

Annie Leibovitz is an accomplished portrait photographer, and her reputation precedes her.  She was given a most difficult task in photographing the newest Supreme Court Justice, and that difficulty is because of the choices and demands made by Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Brown insisted on wearing dark colours for the photo shoot amid the dark colonnades of the Lincoln Memorial.  She established the time of day, dusk.  These conditions were out of Leibovitz's hands and, all things considered, Leibovitz did an excellent.  Being no stranger to the mechanics and art of portrait photography I fully understand the challenge.

Nowadays everyone with an iPhone thinks he or she is a professional photographer.  The truth of the matter is the vast majority of you have no 'eye' for what makes a good portrait.  Amid your photographic ignorance you need to butt out of the critic's corner and accept the fact that this Ketanji Brown portrait is about a good as it gets given the conditions.

Speaking with Dave Adams, noted portrait photographer and relative of the late Ansel Adams, we covered the mechanical difficulties one by one. 

First: The time of day presented shadow and shade issues, especially in photographing a black person.  According to Delia R., an assistant at the photo shoot, Brown 'called all the shots' and refused suggestions and ignored warnings from her photographer.  Says Delia, "Ms. Brown just won't take criticism or instruction.  She looked down on both Ms. Leibovitz and me as though we were nothing but dirt.  I've never worked with a more prejudiced individual."

Second: Brown's insistence on wearing dark clothing didn't help.  She has a particularly dark complexion ... even for one of African descent.  As a result, her skin colour and complexion would require a great deal of light to bring out any detail.  When you add a very dark complexion with very dark clothing in the shadows of near-dusk conditions you've got a predicament for sure.

Third: The only way these photos could have been improved would be through careful and expert manipulation with PhotoShop or some other software.  Leibovitz is a professional, a purist, and doesn't pollute her use photo manipulation software.

Click the link and see what stinks:

Leibovitz's first mistake was to accept the shoot in the first place, what with Brown's landmines strewn about the place and her known anti-Caucasian reputation.  Her second mistake was to tweet anything at all.  Twitter is a troll magnet, and she really doesn't need this.  Unfortunately, Twitter has become the major source of misinformation and fake news weighted in favour of Socialism, Marxism, Black-on-White Racism, and Communist propaganda.  Unfortunately, many Americans take Twitter's Tripe as gospel.

Grow up America!  Give 'Jumanji' Brown another photographer and see how well that turns out.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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