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Most unusual sightings around the moon

Astronomers from Nevada to China are all a-buzz at the unusual activity on the moon.  From unexplained 'plumes' of matter to explosions to unexplained shadows near the meridian line of the moon, something is happening and it's happening a lot more often than ever recorded.

Dr. Tong De, Ph.D. is professor of Astronomical Studies at China's Tsinghua University, one of the leading astronomical studies institutes in the world.  Dr. Tong has made a study of the lunar surface and headed the UN funded 'Lunar Mapping Project' from 2002 to 2017 during which his team managed to map the entire surface of the moon -- both sides.

Now others are joining Dr. Tong as they are concerned over what is happening on the lunar surface right now.  Dr. Tong says, "We have witnessed unprecedented violence on the surface of our moon.  What appear to be gaseous discharges and even debris releases are occurring in many places on the lunar surface.  This activity seems to be increasing at an alarming rate."  Neither Dr. Tong nor his colleagues in astronomical studies can account for this, but many theories have come forward.

Dr. Allis Denhart, Ph.D. of astrophysics is advisor to the World Astronomical Society and teaches at Arkin University.  Says Denhart, "It would appear that there is some sort of volcanic activity on the moon.  We have ruled out asteroid strikes due to the pattern in which these plumes or explosions are occurring.  All we can tell now is that these incidents are occurring more frequently and with greater force than we thought possible.  Frankly, we're stumped."

China owns and operates the largest telescope in the world; its 500 meter wide dish is uniquely designed and positioned to be sensitive to the most subtle changes or occurrences in the known universe.  And it has shown that sensitivity.  Working in conjunction with China's massive array of optical telescopes in orbit and on the ground they have been logging this recent activity on the moon as well as unexplained yet highly organized radio signals emanating from the lunar surface.

What does this mean?  With folks such as Drs. Tong De and Allis Denhart we can see what is happening and even postulate as to what's up but, we don't really know.  I searched far and wide for someone who claims to know and backs it with a plethora of data.

Earnhardt Stein is a Planetary Geologist who has gotten 'down and dirty' in his information gathering and analysis.  He and his team have had direct access to soil samples and other surface data of the moon.  Says, Dr. Stein, "By hook and by crook, we've managed to obtain samples and data others thought to be either of little or no significance."

He goes on to say, "We've found methane and hydrogen on the moon.  These gases are trapped in pockets beneath the moon's surface and their existence is widely recognized by Planetary Geologists and Astrophysicists worldwide.  When you combine the sure knowledge of their existence with record rising temperatures in the solar system, it's time to be concerned and spend more time in this study."  Temperatures on the moon have risen along with those of the planet Mars in a mirror image of what is happening here on Earth.

Solar Astronomer Richard Heath says, "It's obvious that Earth's global warming crisis cannot be attributed to mans' misbehaviour, but is an astronomical phenomenon.  While man may be contributing in some infinitesimally small way, the real culprit isn't CO2 emissions as it is increased solar activity.  Given the incalculable energy of our sun, it's impossible to do anything about this situation other than adapt to the changes."

This explanation turns us round full-circle to wonder just what's so bad about these plumes and explosions on the moon.  The answer comes from Dr. Stein, "If these explosions or eruptions are sufficient in number and power they could well destroy or greatly alter the state, rotation, and orbit of the moon.  The results on Earth could be catastrophic, especially if you combine the detrimental combinative effects of warming on the Earth and lunar gravitational interference through its own partial or even total destruction."

What would happen if the Moon did itself in?  Meteor showers of unprecedented magnitude and frequency would become commonplace with many larger lunar fragments exploding in our atmosphere and on ground strike.  Think of it as 'missiles from the sky' if you will.

In line with this I spoke with retired Chinese Air Force General Guo Ren, a man paid to extrapolate such events and help to prepare for their eventuality.  Although retired he still serves as advisor to the Ministry of Defence in Beijing, China.  He and I spoke at length and what he had to say only served to unnerve me all the more.

He says, "We are possibly facing an extinction event, one in which there would be no more human or significant life left on Earth.  Ours is a fragile but resilient world, and in time it would start again ... but without us."  We talked all about the many possibilities such as ozone layer destruction, solar flare strikes, meteor showers and 'lunar bombs'.  We even spoke a little about alien life forms and their possible involvement in such things ... for better or for worse.

NOW THE FLIP SIDE ...  There is another school in which these plumes, eruptions, and or explosion on the moon could be artificially induced by either an earthly secret space program or beings from outside our influence.  It might well be that they are the cause of this recent activity on the surface of the moon ranging from 'soft' gas vent eruptions to explosions with forces in line with those of atomic bombs causing quakes in the magnitude of 7.0 or higher on the Richter Scale.

What could 'they' [alien or human beings on the moon] be up to?  I sought the opinion of Exobiologist Susan Randsonsen from Norway.  She heads up a small but dedicated team focused on the existence of life beyond our own planet or even solar system.  Their search is mostly for microbial life forms but as says Dr. Randonsen, "We won't turn a blind eye to the possibility of larger, more developed, or more advanced cultures.  Only a fool would automatically preclude such possibilities."

There is a lot happening that we still don't understand.  Whatever it is or whatever its implications may be is still 'up in the air', but let's not turn a blind eye to what's out there.  It behoves us to keep our minds, eyes, and ears open to any and all possibilities.  Occam's Razor doesn't always apply.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S. To ignore a problem doesn't make it go away.  When there is a tiger on your front porch, and it keeps on scratching at the door, do you just ignore this?  The Lunar threat we face today is that tiger and it's scratching on your door.

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