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World leaders conspire to reduce our population

World leaders are in cahoots with one another using China as their primary weapons provider.  Now that Covid is visibly weakened and definitely 'dying a slow but inevitable death' the Chinese have come up with another to release on the world.  Known as the Langya Virus, it's a horse of a different colour.


Anthony Fauci funded Covid-19 Development


Enter the Covid Age: Here the Chinese had found out where things went wrong previously and developed a gain of function protocol that proved highly successful in development of a weaponized virus, nCOv-19 later to be called Covid-19.

At first China, by way of the Virology Institute of Wuhan, applied for DARPA funding [Defence Advanced Research and Projects Agency].  Given Darpa's chequered past and penchant for evil, the Chinese thought they had this one in the bag.  It seems they asked the wrong people at the wrong agency, so DARPA refused funding stating the research was too dangerous.

China went elsewhere: They applied for funding through CDC [Centers for Disease Control] and their old friend Dr. Anthony Fauci jumped at the chance providing nearly $9M over time.  He's long been Beijing's best friend.  He's given invaluable help to the Chinese in 'Gain of Function' research efforts.  What came of this was the Covid-19 Virus, contagious and deadly, and ready for worldwide distribution.

It's then that world leaders gathered in various summits where they were inoculated against the Covid-19 Virus and provided with limited amounts of vaccine to take home.  These were for aides, families, and other government officials also in cahoots with the Chinese.  Assured of their invulnerability from the virus they went home fat and happy while family and friends 'got the shot'.  These leaders all involved themselves in a 'Conspiracy of Control'.

Here's the Chinese plan:

● Leak the virus under controlled circumstances, such as in a smaller city in China.  Count the dead and disabled while misinforming the medical community.

Send the medical community on 'wild goose chases' regarding treatment and vaccination of the virus.  Spread rumours through their owned and controlled world media.  This 'fake news' should be aimed at sending people in the wrong direction insofar as treatment and vaccination are concerned.

● Release local controls allowing the virus to travel wherever and however it may.  Having vaccinated government leaders across the globe the virus would never threaten China's agenda or her lackeys.

With false medical information and bogus treatment protocols as well as totally ineffective injection therapies [euphemistically known as 'vaccines'] the death and debilitation continue to spread largely out of control.


The Chinese never planned on a weakening virus


As the virus mutated, its mutations became more contagious but significantly less deadly, a result the Chinese never anticipated.  So in response they continued to flood the media with stories of the various mutations of the Covid-19.  What they never told us was that the injections released by big pharma were designed only to mitigate symptoms of the virus.  These injections are marketed as 'safe, effective, and free' vaccines but in reality they only marginally suppress symptoms, having virtually no effect on control of infectiousness or protection.   These same injections allow their hosts [those injected] to become incubators for the virus to mutate.  These injections have actually created the new variants.

In light of perceived failure, the Chinese have had to modify their plan.  Covid-19 just hasn't been scary enough or powerful enough to get the job done.

Here's what they're up to now:

● They've released a newly developed virus, one that's been in the wings for years.  The Lanya Virus is much more powerful and contagious than its Corona Cousin.  With additional funding through Anthony Fauci, America's 'Doctor Death', they funded a course of research having learned from their previous 'mistakes'.

● This is their last shot.  People are getting wise to them forcing acceleration of their plan on debilitating the economies, governments, and militaries of the western world.  Once spread, the new Lanya Virus will allow China military and political opportunities around the world.  These are plans over 15 years in the making.  They're pulling all the stops to achieve world domination.  Aided by leaders of all the great western nations this can be done in a largely bloodless coup.  Welcome to the New World Order.


Welcome to the New World Order


What I have said today cannot be denied.  If you allow the American Democrat Party to cheat their way into power this November, then all is lost.  In this case only a bloody revolution can save us, but at what price?


At what price Freedom?


I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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