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Volume #121522-1630                             December 15, 2022


'Under 40's [the 'lost generation'] have become slackers

The Autinea Institute has released an interesting study on the state of society.  It says that today's younger generation [mostly under 40's] have lost the drive and ambition of their parents and grandparents.

When you look at the general attitudes, values, and ambitions of the 'lost generation' there are some very telling signs, and they don't point in a positive direction.  They leave behind a telling set of facts.

  Between 2000 and 2019 statistics showed an increase in those 'under 40's' applying for welfare and financial aid.  They received more in food stamps, state housing, federal welfare, and aid from religious and other non-governmental institutions.  Just how much?  During this period the request for welfare and handouts jumped a whopping 348%!  This means that those of this 'lost generation' demanded welfare support at a rate nearly 4 times that of those in 2019.

  Those 'under 40's' were 8 times as likely to still be living with their parents or grandparents, having no domicile of their own.

  They were 4 times as likely to be unemployed or underemployed, despite an 'easy' job market.

  They were 4 times as likely to be attending college as 'long-term' students.  A 'long term' student is defined as anyone in college for more than 5 years yet with no degree or plan for their 'post college' years.

  Those attending college would finish their education [mostly undergraduate] with an average student loan debt of $54,000.  They would later be 28 times more likely to be delinquent in student loan payments.  Of those delinquent, nearly 70% admit to having 'no plans' to satisfy their student loans.

  They were 11 times as likely to smoke marijuana, drink to excess, and consume 'recreational' drugs.

  They were 30 times less likely to attend religious services.

  They were 23 times more likely to be engaged in 'recreational' sex.

  They were 7 times as likely to run afoul of the law.

  They were 16 times as likely to favour socialism over capitalism.

  They were 8 times as likely to participate in 'social justice' activities such as public demonstrations.  They were also twice as likely to vote Democrat, if they voted at all.

  They were 35 times less likely to enlist in military service.

  Those 'under 40's' in military service were over 6 times as likely to be discharged under 'less than honourable' conditions prior to completion of their first tour of duty.

  They were 21 times less likely to commit to marriage.

  They were 20 times more likely to seek divorce within the first 5 years of marriage.

  They were 18 times more likely to be arrested on DUI charges.

  They were 22 times more likely to produce children out of wedlock.

  They were 19 times more likely to seek abortion services.

I could go on and on, but I already have.  What has brought about this 'lost generation'?  What is it that contributes to the creation of an entire generation of layabouts and loafers, mooches and money-hungry, slackers and stupenagels?

According to Dr. Iain McCardle, Ph.D. "These folks grew up in the 80's, 90's and 2000's.  Those were their more formative years and, largely, easier times financially.  They were far more likely to be 'latchkey' children and either raised themselves or allowed television to do it for them.  It was a time when Mom and Dad both worked, and they spent far less time with their children than parents of earlier generations."

When you either raise yourself or let Hollywood to do it for you, no good can come of it.  The fact that television, motion pictures, music, and social media have done much to 'condition' the minds and morals of our young people is common knowledge.

As the media has driven religion, responsibility, independence, and conscience from the hearts and minds of this 'lost generation' we've seen what comes of it.  It is said that "By their fruits ye shall know them."  The fruits of the media-mentored generation are greed, avarice, laziness, complacence, anger, irresponsibility, immorality, hopelessness, impatience, and dishonesty.

Good job, Beijing.  Good job!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S. Just look at what we've done to our young.  A generation totally out of sync with reality and living in a dream world constructed by the authors of evil, the Communist Chinese.  As Beijing expands her influence through virtually every form of media imaginable, our young fall deeper and deeper under their spell.

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