Saturday, December 17, 2022

Saturday Max, 12/17/2022: (1) The horrors of setting up a Vizio brand television. (2) The case against liberal propaganda


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Saturday Max, December 17, 2022



The predicted and expected has been thrust upon us, and we must resist!

(1).  When setting up a new television one expects a user-friendly menu.  One expects something straight forward and relatively clear in execution.  NOT WITH A VIZIO TV!  I had a television in the studio fail so I ran out to the local big-box and bought a Vizio 24-inch TV.


Let the games begin!


With lengthy 'check here' and permissions and legal bullshit involved this would still take a long time.  What took even longer were the updates.  The software involved required no less than 3 sets of 'updates' often consisting of at least 5 parts each.

Finally, when I thought I was getting somewhere I quickly realized that this television must be set up to the internet or else you're dealing with a brick, a paperweight, a worthless compilation of electronic components, plastic, and so an extremely minor extent metal.

Okay, so I got the password, entered it into the television and then proceeded down another tangled pathway of permissions, choices, and nothing actually allowing me to select the input, which is necessary to select HDMI1 where I want to be so that I can see what is on my computer.

Finally finished, nearly an hour of my time was spent just getting this damned thing set up.  I dislike the Vizio brand, its horribly laid out remote control, it's tangled web of instructions and permission necessary to use what I have paid for, and the over-commercialized set of 'options' on the remote itself.  Let's not forget that there are no buttons on the TV itself, which means that if your remote control either fails or gets lost, you're looking at a brick, a paperweight, a worthless compilation of electronic components, plastic, and to an extremely minor extent metal.



(2).  ●  Is it coincidence that Donald Trump has begun to act more foolishly than ever before ... now that he has announced his candidacy?

  Is it coincidence that the media has suddenly found dozens of 'old cases' to throw at Donald Trump?

  Is it coincidence that, all of a sudden, the media finds Donald Trump to be a racist and a white supremacist?

●  Is it coincidence that the New York Attorney General 'suddenly' found reasonable grounds for trying Mr. Trump on a 6-year-old case?

During Donald's 2-year campaign and 4-year presidency there were myriad charges lodged against Donald, including two impeachments, yet nothing ever produced the 'smoking gun' the media clamoured for.

From his most personal elements of life to his business dealings to his political leanings, the mass media has conjured, created, and fabricated anything the possibly could against the man.

Between the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, The Hill, and other major city rags, the print media has beaten Trump in every single edition for over what is now 8 years.  Between ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and every major broadcast television opportunity Donald Trump has suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous slander and lies as all of the mainstream media hides behind their 1st Amendment rights while denying those same rights to others.

Say what ya will, do what ya will, but facts are facts.  The most relentless persecution in recorded history continues as the 'fear driven' and 'fixated' media continue to dog-pile on the Trump.  If anyone else had this much crap piled up on them, reasonable people would begin to question the means and motives behind this gangland shooting.

Unfortunately, in America today reasonable people are in short supply.  Reason struggles in the mire of laziness and complacence.  Reason fades in the shadows of ignorance.  And reason sinks in the quicksand of peer pressure.  As you can see, reason is in short supply for a myriad of reasons.

I don't expect to change those minds already made up, but I hope that the few of you remaining who have not already cemented an opinion in the deep and empty crevices of your brain will listen to and consider what I have said.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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