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Volume #122922-1315                             December 29, 2022


China's insidious plan is working, but not without help

As China reports dramatic increases in Covid cases they aren't reporting very many, if any, Covid related deaths.  Despite their low to non-existent fatality rate China maintains an iron grip on its people.  Their logic, their reason, and their purpose are to execute their 3rd 10-year master plan.

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Without the military clout he once enjoyed, Xi Jin Ping has been forced to take a parallel route in his march toward world domination.  With major American and European politicians long in his pocket, he's not worried about The West.  Having most western nations under control and in check, he can focus on his own back yard where the citizens of China are becoming increasingly restless.

With major riots in more than 123 cities, and growing military threats from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and now even India he has his hands full at home.  Xi has found keeping the 1.3 billion people in his country locked down to be an impossibility.  While he continues to try and lock down over 200 municipalities and 33 provinces it's just not working.  He has ordered sterner and more stringent measures of population control, using Covid as his excuse ... one that loses credibility day-by-day.

In desperation Xi had hoped to invade Taiwan back in October.  But that didn't happen.  He had hoped to rally the people around the flag and form a united front with China at war with Taiwan.  Only weeks ahead of his planned invasion he lost control of the People's Liberation Army, Navy, Air Force, and Missile Division in a quiet coup headed by General Jiang, now the commander in chief.

Patriotism in China is at an all-time low.  Cohesiveness among the population is strong, but in an anti-government anti Xi Jin Ping way.  Cohesiveness among party leaders is weakening day by day with more and more members of the People's Congress, Central Committee, and even the Politburo losing confidence in Xi's leadership.  Xi needs majority support from the Central Committee to retain his chairmanship of the Communist Party.  He needs majority support of the People's Congress to retain the presidency.  He needed the total support of the General Officer Corps of the People's Military Union to retain his authority over the military, and he has lost that.

For over 9 years Xi Jin Ping was the first leader to control all three legs of the Chinese 'milking stool', and now he has only two.  The three legs are 'Government, Party, and Military'.  Even the late Chairman Mao only held two of those legs.  When Xi first became President, Chairman, and Commander in Chief it bothered many in the People's Congress.  They saw this as, in the words of former Chinese President Hu Jin Tao, "too much power' for one man."

They let Xi's power grab slide just a bit too long, allowing him to establish a potential fourth leg of the milking stool, his infamous 'Missile Division'.  This new branch was given complete control over the Chinese Nuclear Arsenal, including but not limited to nuclear bombs, artillery, and missiles.  This was a very powerful and frightening move that drew little to no attention from foreign news sources, most of them dependent on Chinese money to stay afloat.

Then it happened, General Jiang [China's Chairman of Military Activities] rested control of the military from the clutches of Xi Jin Ping.  Xi's precious Missile Division was absorbed into the Army/Navy/Air Force Joint Command.  Now only a component of the military family, the fourth leg died almost as quickly as it had been born.

Jiang's taking the military from Xi's hands has proved disastrous to Xi's schemes, so he's gone the way of Covid, Propaganda, and Politics using his most valuable allies the American Media and in Washington, D.C.  The Chinese Communist Party [CCP] has had plans in place for decades and is sticking to most details of their latest plan.  Xi himself has little to no control over the current '10-year-plan'.

Where do we go from here?  Where does China go from here?  How can we hope to win when Xi Jin Ping has so many of our nation's, and states', leaders in his pocket?  From Obama on down the chaos we are living with originates in Beijing.  Working as much as they can with their handlers in Beijing, Washington's not gonna let go of the Covid edge.  Having failed to bring down the government completely they still hold the 'derringer in the sock' of Covid, ready to lock down whomever they need should things go sideways.  'Sideways' meaning a turn in the direction of freedom, or possibly the re-election of Donald Trump in 2024.

Having Washington [From Obama on down] under control, Xi Jin Ping can concentrate on the home front where things are getting uglier by the day.  Thousands have starved to death, locked down in their homes under threat of death.  Hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, have violated lockdown and quarantine orders, rioted in the streets, and delivered untold threats by phone, email, and even snail mail against the lives of provincial governors, party officials, and Xi Jin Ping himself.

When you hear of the 'exploding' Covid crisis in China, know that it's a lie.  When you hear of how valiant China is in its pursuit of a solution to the Covid Crisis, know it's all a lie.  Know it all to be a dirty lie with dirtier purpose.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S. For more on the Chinese menace, read 'Eyes on China' and 'Paper Dragon' by Max Allen.  Available at

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