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A nation led by 'trust babies' and enemies of the people

It really must suck to be us, really!  We live in a nation where our 'leaders' act with impunity as laws unto themselves.  There's no reckoning or responsibility in higher office as politicians spend more recklessly than drunken sailors on shore leave!

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Our leaders are all wealthy and as such are removed from the real world.  They never sweat a power bill, the rent, or an insurance premium.  They are strangers to sacrifice, and this means they are truly laws unto themselves.  Think of them as 'trust babies' of a sort.

Let's look at the life of a trust baby and see how their lives mirror those of our politicians.  I know such a 'trust baby', born and raised into wealth and privilege.  He's lived over 50 years with not so much as an unpayable power bill or rent check.  Coddled in the arms of trust and privilege, his only worry is if his next 'allowance' will be in the bank a day early or a day late.  Oh, the worries!  Marc my words; Anything he's ever really wanted, he's gotten.  Deprived of the maturing experiences of life he has been left to his own devices and has become what we see now ... a literal waste of human flesh!

The same can be said for Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, ... et al.  How is it that we elect the privileged and immature the likes of Mitt Romney, Joe Biden, and the majority of Washington.  We overlook or completely ignore their conceit and hubris, born of and immunity from responsibility.  Their failings and shortcomings are as obvious as a pimple on the nose of a fashion model.

You Americans [by and large] have brought this on yourselves and continue to do so.  As more and more of you slip into the 'trust life' of welfare and government handout it becomes easier and easier to ignore the impending disasters brought about by your elected officials and, through complacence, you.  Marc this down; You have sown the seeds of your own demise.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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