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This guy did what?

How did he 'accidentally' swallow a jellyfish?

Click here: https://nypost.com/2022/12/26/teen-spends-christmas-in-the-hospital-after-swallowing-a-bluebottle/

Dateline Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia -- An 18-year-old man made his way back to shore after swallowing a Bluebottle Jellyfish.  He claims it swam into his mouth while he was swimming.  He was treated by lifeguards and transported to St. Vincent's hospital for follow-up.

He was treated and later discharged according to sources at the hospital.  Okay, ya gotta ask yourself how a jellyfish 'crawled' or floated into this guy's mouth.  Then ya gotta ask yourself how and why this bloke would swallow it.  C'mon, he was in the ocean swimming around as we all like to do when we're at the beach.  I can't picture anyone gulping down seawater, jellyfish notwithstanding, unless of course he happened to be drowning at the time.

The only way a jellyfish could 'crawl' into his mouth and be swallowed is if this guy was high on drugs, drunk, or stupid beyond belief.  The 'Gag Reflex' causes the body to reject anything unfamiliar going down the throat.  C'mon man!  I got in touch with Dale Murphy of the Royal Australian Surf Lifesaving Society and he says, "Not happenin' mate, not happenin'.  I can't even imagine anyone wanting to do that, let alone doing it.  This whole story's a bit fishy if you ask me."

Bluebottle jellyfish float on the top of the water and move as the wind and currents permit.  They aren't prolific swimmers by any standards.  Researchers from UNSW [University of New South Wales] say about 1 in 6 Australians have been stung by a marine stinger, with most of those being Bluebottle Jellyfish.  With more than 40,000 stinging incidents each year, nobody has ever swallowed one, at least not that they are aware of.

What do you think?  Could this be legit?

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S.  Put yourself in this situation and ask yourself, "Just how could I accidentally swallow a jellyfish?"  If you were sober, of your right mind, 

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