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The Mall of America displays its hatred for religion.

We have become a nation of intolerance.  Our intolerance seems to spread like so much muck over the surface of the putrid swamp of anti-religious bias and atheistic hatred.  What we have here is yet another example in a city known for its bigotry, Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Yes, 'that' Minneapolis, a city made infamous for its rioting, looting, civil insurrection, criminal assault, and even murder.

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Dateline Minneapolis, Minnesota, The Mall of America -- A man was ejected from the Mall of America last week because security guards, aka. 'The Rubber Gun Squad' ordered him to remove his T-shirt which read “Jesus is the only way”.

Isn't it interesting that they would find a half-naked man less offensive than one wearing a T-shirt?  I'll lay odds of 1000-to-1 that had this T-shirt born Islamic or Black Lives Matter slogans, he would have been unmolested regardless of how many patrons complained.

An example of this is that, at the time rubber guns were assaulting this man, there was a party of 6 in the mall ... all wearing 'Black Lives Matter' T-shirts.  Surely someone was offended by these people's shirts endorsing anti-White, anti-Hispanic, and anti-Asian bigotry!  Nope!  These dark black T-shirts with bold and bright white lettering on them no less than 6 people never drew so much as a glance from the rubber gun squad.

This man’s bright yellow shirt read “Jesus saves” on the front and “Jesus is the only way” on the back as seen in video footage.  He had the temerity to show his love of Christ in a public place in Minnesota and the words on his shirt served as a virtual magnet for rubber guns.

The valueless excuse by 'Rubber Guns' was to say that the shirt offended someone in the mall.  Here is a mall with literally thousands of people on all levels and somehow, someone allegedly complained to the Rubber Guns and they found him immediately.

No sooner had they cornered this foul Christian than they immediately demanded he remove his T-shirt which would leave him half-naked.  Merely wearing this shirt seemed sufficient cause to warrant tossing him out.  Never mind the numerous T-shirts sporting everything from Black bigotry to White bigotry to obscenities with sexual connotations.  No, Christ had to go!

When looking for religious or racial intolerance, one need not travel so far away as Detroit, Chicago, or even New York.  No, it seems there is plenty of prejudice, bigotry, and religious intolerance to go around in our nation's heartland ... Minneapolis Minnesota.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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