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Which way do we go from here?

This whole 'Biden Gate' situation highlights the hypocrisy and criminality of the leftist Democrat Party.  After finding multiple boxes of documents classified 'confidential', 'secret', and even 'top secret' in Joe Biden's garage, personal library, and his office at the Penn Center Biden all eyes turn toward Merrick Garland.

Merrick is Biden's appointed Attorney General, America's top cop.  We're all wondering why there hasn't been a raid on Joe Biden's home, offices, and library.  One wonders how it is that the FBI can besiege President Trump's home at Mar a Lago over 'suspicion' of possession of confidential documents.

There's no suspicion of Joe Biden holding classified documents because they're everywhere.  The smoking gun never smoked so heavily with the putrid stench of treason as it has in the hands of Joe Biden.

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Merrick Garland is the one man in a position to retrieve these documents and prosecute the holder thereof.  Only Merrick can charge America's Senile Senior Citizen President with this crime.  The big question is, "Will the Justice Department turn a hypocritical and blind eye to Biden's many violations while still pursuing prosecution of Donald Trump for allegedly doing the same thing?"

C'mon, let's stop wondering the obvious.  Biden's little buddy, Merrick Garland, is in his hip pocket and not about to do anything about it.  There's no way any of Biden's hand-picked traitors and back-stabbers in office will ever move against him in any way because he represents the party.

We live in a world where 'America is the party, and the Party is America', a slogan taken from Chairman Mao's own red guard and still spoken in government in the People's Republic of China ... yes, the commies.

The question is, "What'll you do about it?"

Only you can stop the treason enveloping our culture, customs, and country.  Only you have the power to talk about this with your friends and family.  Only you can email, telephone, and visit with your elected officials and raise holy hell.  Only you have the power of recall and the vote.  Only your voice heard loud and clear can help to avert a brewing revolution, even a civil war.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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