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Over 80% of America's and Europe's waste products go unrecycled.

Recycling has become a religion, a cult, an obsession especially with people of the West.  We're told to save the forests, protect the wetlands, honour the earth goddess Gaia, and all other sort of insane rhetoric.  Understand this; we should be responsible stewards of the earth, but not fanatic cultists driven by insane fanaticism and fantasy over-the-top philosophies.


Recycling paper products does save trees, but if you just take a look around, you'll see that we have more trees than we can use.  According to the Department of Land Management, there are more trees of harvestable size growing in the United States today than there were 300 years ago.  Our insane headlong charge to 'save the trees' has brought us a new problem, too many trees.


Perennial forest fires, floods, and a host of other mini disasters can be directly attributed to the 'over forestation' of AmericaThe greatest sustainable resource we have is trees.  Yes, the timber industry has found it profitable to plant 3 trees for every one they harvest.  Rotation of timberlands allows those newly planted trees to grow tall and mighty, ready for harvest in perhaps 20 years.

Only government regulation [often based on the Gaia mythology] has limited logging in our country and, in some states, has banned it altogether.  Unable to harvest the valuable timber resources due to over regulation and laws based on false premise, over forestation and its many hazards are here.

Click here: https://nypost.com/2023/01/19/the-costly-stupidity-of-the-recycling-religion/

Another blow to reality is that federal and state governments often provide huge financial and tax incentives to firms for recycling paper and wood products.  Without government bailouts, the cost of recycled wood and paper products would be nearly 71% more expensive than those produced from raw or virgin forest.  [This according to the Hemer Institute for Ecological Common Sense in a report dated August 2013.]

When I go to the grocery store, I ask for paper bags because, unlike their plastic counterparts, these are recyclable, biodegradable, and come from sustainable sources.  It just makes sense to use paper, cardboard, and wood products as an earth-friendly choice.


Advances in recycling technology have made metal recycling less expensive and more efficient, almost to the point of being a source for viable industry.  Recycled aluminium can be produced at about the same cost as that produced from raw ore.  An exaggerated claimed that recycled metals are nearly 29% cheaper to produce does not take into account government subsidies and tax incentives.

In fact, studies now show that if the metals recycling industry had to 'stand on its own two feet' it would rapidly collapse under the weight of expense in equipment, energy, and labour.  What we are experiencing is, yet another recycling industry 'juiced' by the leftist 'save the whales and hug a tree' media.

It's an ugly truth that many so-called 'recyclables' collected and sent to recycling plants are never really recycled, either due to cost or technological limitations.  It is estimated that in many cases nearly 80% of collected 'recyclables' are planted in landfills.  The plastics and glass, and certain metals are not economically recyclable, so they are headed for the landfill.

The worst of these is plastic.  Even Greenpeace now says, “Plastic recycling is a dead-end street.”  Almost all plastics are hauled off to landfills, not recycling plants.  Of the few plastic recycling plants in America, the costs are prohibitive, the processes unreliable, and the headaches of maintenance on expensive machinery make plastic recycling prohibitive.  Again, were it not for government bailouts, these plants would be rusting hulks and remnants of a futile and failed effort.

Writer John Tierney says, “Recycling is an industry that uses increasingly expensive labour to produce materials that are worth less and less."  It would be smarter take this all to landfills.


People have drunk the koolaid in thinking that landfills are terrible polluters.  A simple dip into fact shows that they are not. State and Federal regulations ensure that today's landfills have protective barriers, so they don’t leak into surrounding soil or into the groundwater.

When landfills reach 'maturity' [that means when they are full], they often become ski runs, public parks, golf courses, wildlife habitat, and even subdivisions for new homes.  The next cup of koolaid has convinced many that we're running out of space for landfills.  The woke 'tree-huggers' of Washington and the major media would have you believe this, but it's a lie.  America has far more space for landfills than it will ever need.


With an overabundance of open land suitable for reclamation by landfill, America has more space than we will ever need.  Sometimes states and businesses will actually fight over the right to get our garbage.  Says writer Tierney, “If you think of the United States as a football field all the garbage that we will generate in the next 1,000 years would fit inside a tiny fraction of the one-inch line.”

Isn't it time we put propaganda to bed looking at science instead?  Isn't it time we sacrificed the fictional goddess Gaia on the altar of truth?  Isn't it time to challenge municipal orders requiring multiple trash cans and forcing us to pre-sort our trash?  When you see it picked up by 'robo-truck' you don't see that 80% of what is collected from different coloured cans ends up in the same landfill.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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