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Lies, lies, and bigger lies on the Ukraine situation

Russia and Ukraine are at war, and there's no doubt about that.  The problem is that's all we really know about what's happening over there.  From the massive propaganda machine of the United States to that of Ukraine [US sponsored] all the way to that of Russia and the European Union; the truth is well-hidden.

To withhold truth is to lie, to misrepresent facts is a lie, and damned near every word we in the US hear about the Ukraine / Russia situation is by qualification a lie!  Well, I for one am sick and tired of the bucket load of lies being spread across the media like so much manure!

Let's take a careful list of events and see if we can't stick with the facts.  That'd be a change!

● Russian troops and armour began to mass along the border of Ukraine in March of 2021.  By December they had placed nearly 90,000 troops across the Ukraine border.  What's interesting is why Russia initially made this apparently threatening move in the first place.

Let's go back as far as October of 2020 when Ukraine provinces of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson all in the south and the east of Ukraine, sent a plea for rescue to the Russian Federation.  Their plea was for relief from an increasingly totalitarian government in Kiev, Ukraine's capitol city.  Almost entirely of Russian extraction, the people of these embattled provinces sought relief from an 'anti-Russian' president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Since his bogus election in 2019, Zelenskyy had begun to lean on these provinces with all the weight of his regime.  He is Ukrainian all the way and cannot abide by Russians of any stripe.  From 'special taxes' to 'selectively enforced laws' Zelenskyy began to make the lives of the people of those provinces a living hell.  From 'disappearing' dissidents to outright murder of anyone in power who didn't agree with Zelenskyy's form of government, Zelenskyy rules with an iron fist.

Letters, phone calls, emails, and even couriers raced to Moscow on several occasions to plead with Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader.  It is estimated that over 90 percent of the people in these four provinces are of Russian extraction and have immediate family in Russia.  It is for this reason that Putin agreed to 'a show of force' to pressure Zelenskyy into relenting.  Even then Russia meant to annex these provinces in order to assure and ensure the freedom of these people.

In 2019 Zelenskyy became president of Ukraine in a rigged election.  Multiple cases recount tens of thousands of voters being driven from the polls and election sites in the embattled provinces ether shut down or, in at least one case, burned to the ground.  It was clear that powerful forces [could it be the CIA? ... nah, since when have they ever installed a foreign leader?] wanted Zelenskyy, a former stand-up comic, in office.

Almost immediately Zelenskyy started pressing the eastern and southern provinces to pay 'special taxes' for more reasons than can be mustered.  Zelenskyy's life-long hatred of 'all things Russian' extends to Ukrainians as well.  Freshly installed and in the cat-bird seat, he immediately applied as much pressure as possible.

During the year 2020 and into 2021 Zelenskyy kept ramping up the pressure.  Soon a 'localized' inflation set in.  The cost of groceries, electricity, and motor fuel rose over one hundred percent for those in the embattled provinces.  I say, 'localized', because this never occurred in Ukraine at large.  Zelenskyy bent over backward to ensure that the 'Pure Ukrainians' did not suffer such a fate.  According to Denis Pushilin, former leader of Donetsk Province, "Our pleas for help and rescue from the Russian Federation appear to be bringing some relief.  We eagerly await a life of freedom from Zelenskyy's persecution."

This is typical of the four provinces, each under equal persecution and equally eager to be freed from the totalitarian CIA puppet-dictator Volodymyr Zelenskyy.  As the pressure mounted from Kiev, so did the cries for help to Russia.  It culminated in the March 2021 build-up of Russian troops and armour along the Russian / Ukrainian border.

Russia's leader, Vladimir Putin, sent messages to Zelenskyy, even offering to sit down with him, but they were rebuffed by Zelenskyy who remains [to this day] committed to the conquest and subjugation of all Ukrainians of Russian extraction.  As the attempts to open dialogue with Zelenskyy continued ... and failed ... Russia continued massing troops on the border, ready to strike and rescue those who, to this day, continue to beg Moscow's mercy.

● On February 24, 2022, attempts at negotiation ended and Russia moved across the border with force.  Russia's immediate success was expected as the people of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson welcomed Russian troops with open arms.  In scenes reminiscent of General Patton's ride into Italy, people cheered and through flowers onto the roadway as they waved Russian flags.

It was here that Putin expected to end military efforts and, through negotiations with local leadership, to annex and protect the embattled provinces.  While this is what Putin wanted, it surely isn't what Zelenskyy wanted.


Zelenskyy only wants war for western money.


Zelenskyy's pride was dealt a severe blow with the almost overnight successful occupation of the four embattled provinces by Putin's forces.  He immediately launched counterattacks which spurred Russian response as would be expected.  Since that time, nearly every major move by Russia has been of a pre-emptive nature to keep Zelenskyy in check.  What Putin could not have foreseen is the massive propaganda, spread like so much shit on a sidewalk, aimed at overthrowing Russia itself.

The US entered the war almost immediately with supply of hundreds of billions of dollars in military aid, cash to keep the Ukraine government afloat, and 'military advisors'.  The cash, by the way, will never be audited as Zelenskyy and his cronies continue to divert most of such 'foreign aid' to their own purposes.  In the meantime, Russian, American, and European propaganda continue.  In a relentless beating of war drums the west has ganged up on Russia. 


I am not defending Russia, because they have a strong hand in the war, but I also assign the greater blame where it is due, on Zelenskyy.  No war is a good war, and that's a fact.


Lately US propaganda, the most polished and accomplished in the history of the world, has begun to beat the war drums.  From politicians to media talking heads, they are calling for escalation of the war, not de-escalation.  They are begging for the chance to involve US troops in direct combat, even though the US already has 'military advisors' over there.  Gee, it sounds a lot like John F. Kennedy's involvement in Vietnam.  History may not repeat itself, but it certainly does rhyme.

Now politicians and mass media are spreading rumours of Nuclear War, an approaching World War Three.  As the media calls for a holocaust, the people spreading this shit are the same ones who have painted Putin the evil warlord and Zelenskyy the courageous hero defending his homeland.  All this talk about Nuclear War isn't coming from Russia, but from suspiciously 'anonymous' sources.  Putin has never openly threatened nuclear war but has been ready to respond to any new aggression from Kiev or the west.

Equally dangerous is the open rush of many European nations and America to shoehorn Ukraine into NATO.  With Ukraine a member of NATO this would obligate all NATO forces to 'defend' a member of the compact.  Putin sees this and realizes that he has to annex these provinces before Ukraine can enter NATO.

The provinces have now been annexed by referendum.  Clear and honest elections have taken place and have overwhelmingly voted to be a part of the Russian Federation.  Western sources, politicians, and media have declared these elections to be invalid, corrupt, dirty, and even outright theft.  Gee, to hear Americans preach to the world on fair and honest elections is a laugh!  Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

What's needed, and must happen, is for calmer heads to prevail and for nations such as the United

States to stay out of the conflict and let Russia and Ukraine duke it out.  Only when the west keeps its hands out of this conflict can it be resolved.  I, for one, don't have a lot of faith in that happening.  The US, through the CIA and other illicit agencies, will never release the power and influence it has gained in this region.


The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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