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How can we force our standards on other nations?

We [primarily North Americans] are the most interfering and judgmental people in the world.  We are constantly applying our set of values and behavioural norms to those of anyone other than fellow 'westerners'.

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Dateline Hong Kong -- Hong Kong television aired a show with characters in black face.  "Did you say, 'black face'?"  Oh the horror, the humanity!  How dare they disrespect the West's set of values!  How dare they appropriate African skin tone.  Said Jason Li Qui, a makeup artist for the television network, "Yes, Negroes are born with this,[a black face] but the rest of us need to go to great efforts as we apply uncomfortable makeup.  I really don't see what all the fuss is about."

His colleague in production went further when she said, "It offends us when those people [did he actually say, 'those people'?] constantly complain about the least little thing while they are free to mock and offend Asian people with apparent impunity.  I guess this is what is referred to as 'Western Whining'."  Yes, we in the West do whine a lot, and African Americans and 'wiggers' top the list of those who most constantly whine.  Primarily their whimpers and whines are about others 'appropriating' their habits and behaviour, there's the other side of the coin.


Confucius said, "Every coin has two sides."


Africans in the West fail to allow for the fact that wearing underwear, using deodorant, brushing one's teeth, wearing shoes, eating with utensils, and a host of other things Blacks have adopted might well be considered 'cultural appropriation'.

I'll tell you what, If African Americans, for example, want others to stop appropriating elements of their culture, they must be ready and willing to do the same.  What you'll be left is a non-black  society no longer listening to rap, R&B.  They'll be wearing ball caps with the visor right over their eyes.  They'll walk with good posture.  And 'fist bumping' and 'high-five' will no longer be practiced.  Oh, how non-black society would suffer.  Oh the torment and the horror of this lasting plague of non-inclusiveness!

Now, on the other hand you'd see Black society in loin cloths with bones shoved through their noses, bare footed, smelling like the dead with breath that would knock a bulldog off a meat wagon.  You'd see them fumbling with Swahili, Hausa, and a host of other primitive African languages because English, French, and any of the more advanced tongues endemic to Caucasian society would be out of the picture.  SO MUCH FOR APPROPRIATION!

Blackface is considered highly offensive and racist almost exclusively in Canada, The United States, and the European Union.

Let's keep in mind that their collective populations don't even reach those of either India or China.  Not to mention all of East Asia!  But, let it be known that the West is always right, and anyone else is wrong!

In an episode of a popular sitcom that aired Monday (local time), a scene showed a funeral service where the actors in the show wore black face.  For what it's worth, they looked a lot better in black face than Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

In retrospect, if this show was intended for a western audience we could well see the offensive nature.  However, it was not!  This show is intended for Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Hong Kong audiences.  It also shows through dozens of other Oriental countries.

All I can say to you tweeters, bloggers, and other internet champions is this, "Get used to the fact that your warped set of standards and behaviours does not trump everyone else's".  You thin-skinned whiners obviously have nothing better to do.

In the immortal words of Lillian MacLeod, "It must suck to be you!"

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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