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Arizona fills gaps in border wall with shipping containers

Responding to the emergency conditions of an alien invasion, Governor Ducey of Arizona has stepped up to the plate.  By his order and under command of the state's Department of Emergency and Military Affairs has gone to work.

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In spite of objections from both the Bureau of Reclamation and the White House, Ducey has essentially told them to pound sand.  Before, during, and long after the writing of this article, Arizona will continue to stack shipping containers two-high in the many gaps in the wall.

Says Arnold Aaronson, a member of the Military Affairs Taskforce, "In the face of Washington's devotion to illegal immigration our operations will continue, despite federal request or demand. We answer to our Commander in Chief who is Governor Doug Ducey."

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As reported, Arizona is refusing to satisfy the White House demand to remove shipping containers plugging gaps in the border fence.  The state’s governor has ordered double-stacked shipping containers to be placed along the Mexico border, despite not being cleared placement on federal land.

It's clear that the Biden administration has absolutely no desire or reason to plug the holes in the border fence.  As long as millions upon millions of illegal aliens are able to pour over our border we are in mortal danger.  Our lives, livelihoods, security, and very way of life are threatened by the unchecked flow of invaders.

I take my hat off to Governor Ducey for showing the gumption and concern necessary to plug these federally authorized leaks in any way he can.  We need more governors like Doug Ducey.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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