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They gladly abuse the elderly and infirm to get their own way!

When will we, the American People, stand united in defence of the elderly and the infirm?  We've made great progress over the years in how we treat others of different race, belief, and sex, but the Democrats have not.  Democrats live an 'anything goes' lifestyle and will sacrifice their firstborn if it means they can get ahead.

Look at how they've treated Joe Biden, a doddering simpleton afflicted with the worst form of dementia.  A literal marionette in the hands of others, Joe has been put in place to destroy not only our economy and world standing, but the republic itself.  Let's not forget how he has single-handedly [he and those pulling his strings] undone decades of race relations and sexual cooperation.

Okay, we all know about 'Bumbling Biden', the nation's 'Weekend at Bernies President'.  Let's look at another shameful exhibition in the race for the Senate in Pennsylvania.  Squaring off against one another are John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz to see who will fill the seat of US Senator representing the people of Pennsylvania.

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In their debate yesterday, it was nothing less than painful to watch.  I actually tuned in this debate because of Pennsylvania's importance in the overall political picture.  I watched, soda and popcorn in hand, and prepared myself for what happened.  This debate was nothing less than a bloodbath as Fetterman, a recent stroke victim, struggled to find words, recall facts, and speak coherently.

I could see the pain in Oz's eyes as he watched his opponent struggle to focus, recall, and speak.  Anyone with any sensitivity and compassion would be moved by the Democrat manipulation of this man, equally as much as they continue to manipulate the president, Joe Biden.

Just how shameless is the Democrat Party?  Just how criminally complicit is the Democrat-run mass media?  In the weeks leading up to the debate, all forms of media dog-piled on the situation painting Fetterman as a capable and brilliant candidate for office.  They severely downplayed his stroke and the lasting damage it has done to this once brilliant man.

Will Fetterman recover from his stroke?  He might do so ... in time.  Will he get better and better with therapy over time?  He may, but like recovering from it, nobody really knows.  In the meantime, the media is unbelievably in support of this man, a man incapable of carrying on an intelligent conversation let alone running the country as a Senator.

The Democrats know how valuable a puppet, a political marionette, can be.  Look at how effectively they've run Biden.  When it comes to placing the mentally and physically incompetent in office the Democrats can never have enough.  Whether through impairment, blackmail, or other coercion, the Democrats are running at full speed to maintain control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Vote your conscience.  Vote your heart.  Vote with your head.  I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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