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Volume #101322-1245                              October 13, 2022


When you refuse to vote, you abrogate your rights

We live in what was once the greatest nation on earth.  Our nation was formed with God's blessings as we crafted a document unique in all the earth, the Constitution of the United States.  This sacred document, unlike all others, guarantees and protects those God-given rights bestowed upon all mankind.  To be a citizen of such is a blessing and a birthright.

We live in a land which still offers the highest degree of personal rights protection, and an elevated standard of living.  We are the stewards of those rights and of the Constitution, not the politicians of our cities, counties, states, and the nation.  As stewards it is our duty, our sworn civic commitment to protect all phases of the Constitution and hence, our rights.

We live in a time of despair, anger, guilt, and deceit.  Our leaders can no longer be trusted to look out for us, and as such it's time to depose them.  It's time to toss the hypocritical criminals out of office.  Removing them can only be done when you get up and vote!  Voting is the only way short of a bloody revolution.  I, for one, leave the possibility of such a revolution as my 'court of last resort'.

I spoke with a millennial yesterday and he told me that he doesn't vote 'because he says it doesn't matter'.  I didn't even try to educate him because, being a Millennial, he knows everything!  His studies at the local university have transferred upon him the Wisdom of Solomon, the intelligence of Einstein, and the creative qualities of Elon Musk.  People like such as he are beyond education because ... they know everything!

I would plead to anyone out there who thinks their vote doesn't count to vote in November.  Vote!  It is the collective of those 'whose votes don't count' that makes them count.  I won't tell you who to vote for because I will trust you to have the where-with-all to do a little homework and learn a little more than a headline or soundbite about whomever it is you will vote for or against.

November 8th is the day of the election.  Please vote.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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