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New Hampshire deploys 2 guard units to southern border

Two National Guard units have been deployed on a twelve-month tour of duty along America's embattled southern border.  As alien invaders continue an unparalleled charge from the south, our own forces of the Border Patrol are under siege.  Joe Biden's administration has worked hand-in-glove with the aliens but now it seems more and more states are stepping up to answer the call.  "To arms, to arms." is the battle cry.

This is a call to arms, and it gladdens my heart to see the growing number of Americans realizing their responsibility and duty in this time of undeclared war.  Since Joe Biden's theft of office, over two million more invaders have successfully occupied our land.

Our flawed welfare systems have allowed millions of invaders to take money, food, housing, medical care, and even college educations from us.  The worst part of this is, WE ARE PAYING FOR IT... NOT ONLY FINANCIALLY, BUT IN SO MANY OTHER WAYS!  Amid this surge, virtually every state in our faltering union has seen massive outlays of money and resources to aid the aliens in their invasion.  Yes, aid to the enemy is what it is.  Normally these resources are aimed at our own, the veterans, senior citizens, and the indigent.  Now the bulk of our supply is given, gratis, to our enemies.

After the recent arrival and subsequent 'removal' of illegals at Martha's Vineyard, sufficient attention was drawn to motivate Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire to activate and deploy two National Guard units to the southern border in support of beleaguered Border Patrol and Customs agents.

Ever since the theft of the 2020 presidential election the men and women protecting our border have been outmanned, outgunned, under-staffed and under-funded.  Joe Biden's flunkies have frozen their funding to pre-Covid levels and implemented what amounts to a hiring freeze preventing the recruitment of more badly needed troops to protect our southern border.

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Announcing the latest deployment, Sununu said: “New Hampshire is grateful for the heroic men and women of our National Guard."  Sununu is the first governor to publicly pledge troops to the southern border since DeSantis’ flights and Abbott's buses sent illegal aliens from the border to liberal-progressive occupied sanctuary cities.

The war wages on and, although it seems we are losing, there is hope on the horizon.  We need more states to step up to the plate and help in this war effort.  It is war!  If we lose this, we lose it all.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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