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Obama and Rice control Joe Biden, Jill has the final say!

This is so damned typical of the present administration.  Here's a story of how Jill Biden ripped into White House staffers for failure to cut the president's microphone or get him down from the podium as he gaffed his way into history.

We've been afflicted with a senile and evil old man willing to follow any and all instruction given by his masters.  One would think as many do that Barack Obama and Susan Rice are pulling his strings on behalf of their Beijing masters, and not be too far off.  The exception is the final wall, that being Jill Biden, the woman who has final say and control of the empty-headed 'Weekend at Bernies President' we suffer every day of his term.

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As far back as we can remember; Joe has always bowed before Jill.  Even before his more serious onset of senility she has had him under her wing and pulled all the strings.  Now, in his terminal phase of dementia, she wheels his cart from here to there always watching over this madman marionette.

It seems that every time Joe makes a fool of himself ... that's an awful lot ... 'Dr.' Jill unleashes her legendary temper on White House staffers.  Statements like, "What in Hell is wrong with you?  Can't you keep an old man in check?"  She's even been heard saying, "Why didn't you cut his mic?"  This makes it pretty clear who has the 'final say' in Biden's blunderings.

November is fast upon us and, if not really careful, the agenda which Joe Biden follows so blindly [under the close supervision of 'Dr.' Jill] may reach fruition.  If he succeeds then we are truly doomed.  Only you can stop this in a bloodless way.  You need to vote in November.  That's November 8th, 2022, and voting is the only way to make your wants and needs known.

Vote for those who will give you the country you want ... not those who will give you the country 'that's good for you.'

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S. All hail to the chief, President Dr. Jill Biden

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