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Another leading university unveils the latest form of bigotry

170-year-old Tufts University has written a new page in bigotry-on-campus.  This incredibly 'woke' school now offers staff, and soon students, two mandatory sessions of indoctrination, both based entirely according to their race.  Titled "Radical Healing" and "Unpacking Whiteness", their anti-white racism will be drummed into the heads of already 'woke-leaning' people.

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These will be presented by the university's 'Inclusion Department'.  Yes, they've found another way to squander funds.  Management has a bevy of such worthless departments all meant to indoctrinate rather than educate.

The “Radical Healing” session creates, and here's a quote by the Inclusion Department; "an important, safe space for staff and faculty at Tufts whose racial demographics are categorized as 'BIPOC'."  Whao!  Back the truck up!  BIPOC [B-I-P-O-C] stands for 'Black, Indigenous and People Of Color.'  Yes, just when you thought you'd heard it all ... the 'woke' have coined yet another acronym with which to beat us up!

Kenyata Brown, a course advisor says, "These courses, while not 'officially mandatory' are required for staff and faculty who wish to make their future here at Tufts.  Noncompliance shows racial and social prejudices that Tufts will neither endorse nor tolerate."

Tufts said participants will know the sessions will be worthwhile for them if they identify as someone who is “only or one of a few in predominately white spaces on campus,” while they would feel liberated in "a community where you see shades of yourself."  That's got to be the worst double-speak I ever heard!  How about you?  What in Hell did they just say?

Meanwhile, Tufts explains the course “Unpacking Whiteness”, saying the sessions are “curated” for white participants who want to learn how to be anti-racist in their daily lives.  They say, “The series brings together participants university-wide who aim to interrogate their understandings of Whiteness as a social construct that works in sometimes hidden ways to give rise to racial injustice in the United States.”  More double-speak!

Course instructor, Adrian LeShaun Greene says, "We live in a nation corrupted by systemic racism and racial exclusionism.  Tufts intends to lead the way in stopping 'stinking thinking' and helping to restore a positive and equitable balance of human thought."  [Say whaaat?]  He adds, "The series is currently mandatory for staff and adjunct faculty but is expected to be 'modified' for new students by the beginning of next year."

There's another nail in the coffin of freedom of thought and speech.  Only you can stop this assault on decency.  Only you can restore sanity to our college campuses.  Vote conservative.  Act now!

November may be your last chance to free minds of millions!


I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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