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Volume #093022-1245                              September 30, 2022


How movies, television, print, and radio pervert reality

It's like living in the Twilight Zone.  I live in a country with a racial and moral balance completely opposite of what the media is telling us and what the majority of Americans have come to believe.  We're being told that up is down and down is up, good is bad and bad is good, and most Americans are eating this up like a 500lb man devouring a double cheeseburger.

I am neither a bigot nor an alarmist but let me give you my side of the story.  American Blacks number just below 12% according to latest census numbers and projections into 2021.  They are a small but extremely vocal minority, given their power by a major media bent on the destruction of this country through lies and disinformation.  Far from the largest minority, being Hispanic at over 14%, the voice of Black America is loud and it's everywhere!

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It's impossible to turn on your television and NOT see blacks in virtually every TV commercial.  Even when cartoon characters are used in these ads, the principle character is almost always black.  From burglar alarm advertisements where virtually every thug and ne'er do well is shown as a white man, the principal character is inevitably black.

When we do get white people in principle roles on a TV ad, it's presented in a black/white relationship because after all, there'd better be a black man or woman in there somewhere!  This flies in the face of fact that fewer than 3% of marriages and couples are black/white.  This inundation results in an over-representation of blacks v other races at 158%.  That means that the real presence of Black America has been over-exaggerated to the point that any novice observer would surely believe the US has a black citizen population at or around 60%.

I spoke with visiting Japanese friends who were shocked to find that there are so few blacks in the country as opposed to what they thought through watching all forms of public media.  Says Yoshi Nakamura, "With the music, television, movies, and especially ads on the TV, we [he and his wife] were sure that black people were America's majority.  When you showed me the statistics from your government I nearly fell down.  They're always in the news for one reason or other.  How can this be?"

How can this be?  The answer is as alarming as it is simple; this is a part of an indoctrination conspiracy being perpetrated by forces bent on destroying American Culture.  Follow the money and it all comes from Beijing, China.  Known to be our enemies even by their own declaration, China has perverted our very culture in issues ranging from racial and sexual discrimination to abortion and even to gay marriage.  They don't believe in the shit they're spreading but realize they can get us to believe it!

"If you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth." -- Adolf Hitler

The Chinese endgame has yet to be revealed, but rest assured it involves conquest of our once great country.  It's clear that they've reworked our educational system, religious institutions, and government itself.  They've been conquered, redesigned, and empowered to pervert, persecute, and destroy all that is good.

Only when a nation has caved in upon itself can it be conquered and occupied ad infinitum.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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