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What benefited Biden actually benefited Americans?

Did immoral, deceitful actions benefit others?

In an article by Nate Silver of the New York Post, we see that ‘Liberal elites’ put pressure on Pfizer Pharmaceutical to delay release of their mRNA gene therapy ‘non-vaccine’.  They allegedly pressured the big guns at Pfizer to make sure their injections would not enter the market until after the 2020 election.

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Says Dr. James Alan, MD, PhD, a former researcher at Pfizer, “The entire line of research was bogus.  We were asked to follow protocols and procedures that led to what we all could see as eventual and probably inevitable disaster.  He went on to explain the processes and, interestingly enough, that the word was ‘down from above’ to delay a drug that was already ‘ready for release’.  There was nothing more to be done.  The drug was ready for packaging and distribution.


Dems delayed covid shots ‘ready for release’


Says Martha Gunn, former senior aide to the Biden for President Campaign, “We needed at least one ‘bragging point’ for Mr. Biden.  We knew the election was being manipulated and the count skewed.  Everyone in the higher echelon knew ‘the fix was in’ for Mr. Biden.  What really hurt at the time was that the general public was beginning to see the fraud and manipulation involved and designed to ‘tip the scales’ in favour of Mr. Biden.  We felt that we needed as many ‘bragging points’ as possible to quell the inevitable post-election anger.


It's all about ‘bragging rights’


Here’s my point: Knowing now that the ‘non-vaccines’ produced by Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson have done more harm than good, maybe delaying the release was a good thing.  How many lives were possibly saved in delaying release of the injections?


Have Covid shots done more harm than good?


One look at the CDC VAERS report and then a little time to think over and delve into the statistics shows these injections to be ineffective at best and dangerous at worst.  Click this link and see what stinks: . 

Now it’ll take a lot more digging since the CDC has revamped their site making it a monumental task to find the data you want, and they’ve even gone so far as to eliminate certain data sets from their website altogether.

Their current allowance of the injections flies in the face of a massive recall of the influenza vaccine in 2009 after only 358 deaths were attributed to the vaccine.  Compare this to over 86,000 deaths related to the new ‘non-vaccines’.  What’s wrong with this picture?


This is what you get when politicizing science


I guess what really frosts my donut is the fact that the delayed launch of Pfizer’s gene therapy was worse than dirty politics, it was immoral, it was sinful, it was damning!

At that time the general [mouth breathing and incompetent] public believed the injections to be the ‘magic bullet’ they’d all been looking for.  They believed that widespread injection of the population would ‘crush the curve’ and quickly defeat this Invasive Chinese Virus.  Believing it was a good thing, still the bastards in Washington got equally complicit pharmaceutical firms to delay entry of their new products into the market.


Lives were traded for a ‘bragging point’


Had their ‘non-vaccines’ actually been safe and effective [which they are not] the delay might have cost untold thousands of lives.  What is so morally offensive here isn’t the act as much as it is the intent.  Their behaviour was at best negligent and at worst indifferent.  If Pfizer had a drug ready to go to market, what other reason could there be but immoral indifference to the release process?

What is there to be said about delaying a potential ‘saviour’ drug just to benefit the public standing of an obviously incompetent president?  What is there to be said about trading lives for lies?  What is there to be said about a people who not only tolerate this but, through their own indifference, endorse these things?

When will we cease to politicize medicine and science?  When will the new ‘gods’ of industry cease to be big pharma?  It’s time they were reigned in.  It’s only coincidence [or providence] which allowed countless lives to be saved in delaying the release of the current non-vaccines.

Some things cannot be trusted to ‘luck’.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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