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You're an American first and your heritage is purely romantic

Diversity is a dangerous and destructive thing

I was chatting with some friends and one of them said, "I'm a true Irish American."  I asked him just what that really meant, being an 'Irish American'.  He thought about it and said, "I'm Irish and I'm an American, and that's what it means."  The conversation took an interesting tack and gave a great 'take away' was ready to go in print.

In the case of this man, he had never been to Ireland and the same was true with his parents.  The only thing 'Irish' about this guy is his name and distant ancestry.  This applies to so many Americans and it's divisive at best.  I am of Scottish extraction, having also visited Scotland on a few occasions.  I realize however that I am not 'Scottish American', but an American with Scottish ancestry.  You might even call me an American Scot, or better yet an 'American'.

From 'African Americans' to 'Latin Americans' to 'Arab Americans' and so on, this does nothing more than divide us.  Americans are a unique and special race, a people blessed by God and taking part in this grand experiment called The United States of America.  And although we share a variety of ethnicities, we are still Americans first.  It's gotten to where it really wrankles me to even hear Americans putting their ancestry or race ahead of their nationality.  Hey, jackasses, you're Americans first and foremost and if you don't like that you can always leave this land.  Unlike many other countries you don't need an exit visa.  You're free to get the hell out whenever it pleases you!

A homogeneous society is a peaceful society, a society homogenized in purpose and direction.  I look at Taiwan [Republic of China] and I see a truly homogeneous society.  These folks will celebrate their heritage, but never lose sight of their nationality.  When you ask someone their heritage they almost always say, "I am a Taiwaner."  This they say with pride.  When you look around the country you see no racial tensions.  There are no rioting racists looting, burning, killing, and smashing private and public property.  There are no angry demonstrators prepared to let loose with violence.  At worst, there is shouting.

The same holds true in the nation of Singapore, where there exists a wide variety of ancestries.  In the communities of 'Little America', 'Little Italy', 'Little China' and others, these people consist of expatriates and nationalized immigrants.  It's amazing how many of these folks have become citizens of Singapore.  I will often speak with them and not a one says, "I'm an Irish Singaporean."  No, they will, if race or ancestry comes up, refer to themselves as Singaporean Irish or simply 'Singaporean'.  Do you see the difference here?

Putting your own nationality, or adopted race, first is healthy.  Knowing who you are and relating to yourself in a healthy way is key to public peace and harmony.  Unfortunately, the United States Government continues to actively prevent unification of the people.  They actively foster dissent and division.  Their agenda is to destroy us from within.  When a nation loses its sense of identity and unity it will fall.  No other nation could defeat the United States militarily, but anyone can sit back and watch us destroy ourselves.  We're doing a good job of that!

I know this seems a bit of a rant, but it has meaning you must understand.

Please realize who you really are and realize that you don't have to sacrifice your principles or beliefs in order to identify as one of a larger group, as an American .... Period!

Black Supremacists are on the move to destroy our country.  Their tactics of division and violence have crippled us.  Latino Racists are on the move to undermine our principles.  Through intimidation and violence, they tear us apart.

White Supremacists quietly watch and wait.  Their intent, however evil, lies in wait for the right moment.

You're an American dammit!  I don't want to hear from African Americans [who have never been to Africa] and I don't want to hear from Mexican Americans [who may have never been to Mexico] and I surely don't want to speak with anyone who puts an unimportant and purely romantic heritage against the presence of their 'real' identity, that of Americans!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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