Monday, September 12, 2022

Two-headed tortoise celebrates his 25th birthday!


Volume #091222-1730                              September 12, 2022

Two-headed tortoise celebrates 25th birthday

Janus, the 2-headed tortoise has a happy birthday!

Workers at the Geneva Natural History Museum, care for this loveable little tortoise as he eats, sleeps, and even rides his skateboard.  This is a really cool tortoise for so many reasons that defy even 'normal abnormal' mutation.  For instance, Janus has two heads, two brains, two hearts, two lungs and two personalities and certainly would not have survived life in the wild.  Only for the love and care of Angelica Bourgoin and her team has Janus managed to thrive.

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Janus is the namesake of the two-headed Roman god, a fitting name for such an unusual and captivating little guy.  He was born [hatched if you will] in 1997 at the Geneva Natural History Museum in Geneva, Switzerland.  And he's a spoiled little guy with organic salads, daily massages, baths, and regular walks.

It's reported that Janus even rides on a custom-made skateboard.  Aah, the life of Janus.  I'm so happy to see this kind of story come across my desk so I can share it with you.

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