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* * * * WILL NASA'S "3rd TIME" BE A CHARM? * * * *


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With NASA, they're lucky to get this thing off the pad!

Dateline Cape Canaveral, Florida – Folks at the Kennedy Space Center failed for a second time to launch the Artemis I Moon Rocket.  This is a huge supposedly 'next generation' rocket [completely disposable] and it relies on technology already using 5-20 year old!  As with all government agencies, NASA just can't seem to 'get it right', at least not on first try anyway!

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This 32-story tube filled with rocket fuel is a billion dollar boondoggle, an outdated example of 'trial and error' space travel.  When will the government turn to non-government space companies?  What's so wrong about people who enjoy more freedom to think and act 'out of the box' than any government agency?  When will they realize that firms like SpaceX have lower costs and more advanced technologies resulting in infinitely more reliable and affordable space travel.

Says Aerospace Engineer R. Donald Solberto, "We're using technologies that date back even 20 years.  This is a lot like the space shuttles which were also obsolete before they even left the pad.  As a government agency we just move too slowly to ever really get it right!"

On top of its outdated guidance systems, twitchy software, and problem riddled fuel delivery systems the new Artemis I rocket is entirely disposable, meaning that it will eventually burn up in the atmosphere or simply splash into the sea.  Were they using the BFR from SpaceX they could recycle over 80% of the rocket.  Reusable and dependable rocket boosters as well as 'glass cockpit' super reliable capsules have become the hallmarks of private space exploration firms.

There are a number of competing space exploration firms out there, even the worst of which overshadows and outperforms NASA in nearly every way, including vision.  It's time to scrap that old clunker called NASA and step into the 21st Century with the rest of us.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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