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Biden & friends have betrayed Latins; it's time for retribution

America's largest minority, and the most financially influential, is the Latin population.  Whereas Blacks make up a smidgen above 12% of our population, Latins comprise over 18%, a number overshadowing that of their darker-skinned counterparts.  This is important to know because Latins are the voting base that will turn the Democrats on their heads in November.  Joe Biden and his cohorts have ignored and betrayed the Latin base so profoundly as to turn almost all of them into Republican voters.

Issues such as abortion:  With the majority of Latins being Catholic, their objection to abortion is one that cannot be ignored or eliminated ... although the Democrats have done a pretty good job of ignoring the Latin community anyway.  Killing the unborn and supporting this with Latin money, the taxes they pay, won't get you any brownie points among America's largest and most influential minority community.  89% of Latins in America attend church on a regular basis.  This is a number far higher than Caucasians and astronomically higher than Blacks.

In the matter of student loan forgiveness and aid, the Latins are asking, "Why should I be forced to pay off someone else's debt?"  Among those Latins who have chosen to pursue a trade in lieu of a degree they object unanimously to being forced to pay for someone else's degree when they don't have one.  Among the 21% of Latins who have a college degree the sentiment is overwhelmingly against student loan forgiveness.  The answer of one young Latino was, "I worked hard in college and am using my degree at my work.  It took six years to pay off my student debt, but I did it.  Why should I now be forced to pay off someone else's debt, especially when they've been ducking the issue all along?"

Latins rarely run up student debts of any size and are known for paying these loans off in a matter of a years, not decades, with help from family.  Family support across the board is far more meaningful, important, and prevalent in the Latin community.

On just these two issues of abortion and student loan forgiveness, the Latin population is overwhelmingly against Democrat plans and goals for AmericaIn a Pralars survey 86% of all Latins surveyed feel betrayed by Joe Biden and his Democrat cohorts.  84% plan on voting for 'anyone other than a Democrat' in the upcoming elections.

The message is clear; Joe, you and your buddies can't buy the vote by paying $10,000 of someone's $60,000 or even $100,000 student loan.  It's not a big enough chunk to make any real difference and even those 'deadbeats' who are dodging payments on their student loans know that!

Furthermore, your throwing money at the student deadbeats only angers the majority who have been faithful in payments or have even paid off their debt.  What about the responsible majority?  Do you really think this is going to buy enough votes in November to keep a liberal majority government?  Are you really so naivé?

Finally, the message is clear that the overturn of Roe v Wade has found favour among over 90% of Latins, a voter base you have repeatedly snubbed.  Media propaganda has done nothing to sway their opinions and beliefs.  In summary, Joe, you are screwed.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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