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Volume #091122-1120                              September 11, 2022


As Zeus' mob grows, gathers strength under court order

Deep in the Eurimbula National Park of Queensland, Australia is a large tent pitched near a clearing.  Outside of this tent is Zeus, an expecting father, who awaits the birth of his calves by at least two of his heifers.  Within the tent are the two heifers that are 'heavy with calf' and ready to deliver their young any week, day, or even hour.

Dr. Gopal Subramaniam, DVM, is in attendance and has moved into the manager's guest quarters a mere hundred feet from the main office.  He says, "We are prepared for the deliveries when they happen and have all resources necessary.  Their ultrasounds show promise, their blood work is good, and they display all signs of good health."

Dr. Gopal has recruited a veterinary nurse to assist and two certified veterinary assistants.  With the equipment, medication, personnel, experience, and expertise Zeus' wives couldn't be in better hands.  All we're waiting for now are the birth, or births, whichever it will be very soon.  Says Dr. Gopal, "If my math is correct, these calves should be born around the 10th to 14th of [September] this month."  He goes on to say that he's not entirely sure of his calculations due to the uniqueness of the situation.  In the end the words of Lao Tze, the Chinese philosopher, "In all things only time will tell."


"In all things, only time will tell."... Lao Tze


As time in the Eurimbula marches on, so it is in Brisbane, the State Capitol of Queensland.  His Worship Dennis Chang, Senior Magistrate has instructed current orders of protection, restraint, and restriction to remain in place until a higher court hears and decides on the issue.  Of the High Court, its docket is booked well into the summer of 2023 due to the Covid Hysteria which continues to grip Australia.  As the dust of the hysteria settles somewhat, the air is clearing.  But this case will not be heard before late next year.

A preliminary hearing originally scheduled for October of this year has been moved to a later date by His Worship Dennis Chang of the Magistrate's Court.  Says Chang, "It is both expedient and practical to forego the upcoming hearing in the matter of Zeus v. CSIRO.  Rescheduling the preliminary hearing to fit in the same framework of any trial is more in line with priorities."  The preliminary hearing has now been moved back to Monday, May 22nd of 2023.  This is when it all begins.

So where do we go from here?  Well, it would seem the Zeus babies will be born and somewhat matured by the time this case gets to court.  Meanwhile security in and around the Eurimbula has been stepped up with the addition of 15 soldiers from the 2RAR [2nd Royal Australian Regiment] Light Amphibious Assault Group.  These 15 men will bring with them 4 key support personnel, 2 Australian Light Armoured Vehicles [ASLAV] and 2 'G-Wagon' Utility Vehicles.

They will fall under the command of Army Captain Dennis McMahon who will also command the 6 AFP mounted officers, 8 park rangers and 6 park security officers.

Police Constable Fred Bailey will command his 6 officers in support of those already stationed as he and Captain McMahon will share joint command of the stepped-up security presence.  In all, the security force will consist of about 45 people, a company-sized contingent.

This is an unprecedented mobilization of forces in a domestic operation and is working under a veil of secrecy so thick I'm having a nearly impossible time breaking through!  As difficult as it has become to find out what's happening, I continue to 'mine' sources and will not rest in keeping you all up to date on this pressing issue.

Until next time, Max Allen Media puts itself firmly behind the potential 'civil liberties' of these chimera cattle.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S. At least one calf has been born, with rumours of another as well.  Due to the fluid nature of the situation and the increasing difficulty in obtaining reliable information we'll provide as much information as we can next week.  Thanks for reading ... thanks for listening ... thanks for following.

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