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3 new births in the Zeus Mob represent a 'next generation' life form

The new mothers and calves are doing well under the expert and loving care of Dr. Gopal Subramanium, DVM.  All are well and were born under healthy birth weights and size.  These average to about 145lb and 40 inches in length at birth and were born between August 31st and September 13th.

Well, the 'babies' are walking, sampling solid foods, and curiously enough seem to be testing the fences that keep them in.  Says Veterinary Nurse Susan Collier, "They are extremely intelligent.  I love to watch them as they work together and alone trying to learn how the gates work."  She went on to say how they had managed the mechanisms but couldn't get around padlocks on the gates.

Well, these calves aren't calves as we know it.  There are some major differences in these Chimera-Cattle.  Says Dr. Gopal:  "They possess articulating front and rear hooves.  Each is made up of three main divisions, fingers of sort.  And an apparent 'thumb-like' appendage ancillary to the hoof/foot.  Each of the three main divisions [fingers?] of the hoof is jointed and capable of independent movement, but only time will tell how far their dexterity may develop.  These other appendages [thumbs?] have required minor surgical intervention at about 2 days of age.  A visceral covering had to be cut away allowing full protrusion of the cow's trapped thumb-like appendage.  Once freed it also seems capable of independent movement as has already been witnessed by staff."

He goes on to say that he and staff have been working with the young cattle, paying attention to their strange gait and differing centres of balance.  These are indeed unique creations and bear humane study.  What this means is that our calves quite likely have 'hands' of one sort or another.  If they develop advanced dexterity in these 'fingers & thumbs' they will be an entirely new and undocumented species.  I hear from others that the calves are actually picking up straw, sticks, and objects with their feet [hands?] or whatever they are.

Speaking of unique, let's talk about their hind quarters, their pelvic development if you will.  Reading from a report, Veterinary Nurse Collier, "Hip formation is unusual and will require further study.  There seems an additional amount of small bone movement within the pelvic girdle.  Calves do not appear to be in pain but walk with a peculiar gait, probably due to the unusual hip and girdle formation and development.  Some flexure is certain but again, only time will tell."

The calves have been seen trying to stand upright, or at least that what it seems to those around them.  When one of the calves rose up on its hind quarters, using its front legs against a fence, it stood upright for a moment, turned a quarter turn and stood for a few seconds before lighting back onto its front hooves [feet].  Said Nurse Collier, "It was like a baby child pulling itself up on its feet and trying to walk for the first time.  It was inspiring, heartwarming, and a little bit frightening."

We seem to be seeing highly precocious calves behaving in a human way.

However, no baby at only a week or two old has ever pulled itself up onto its feet, turned a quarter turn, and stood for a few seconds as if trying to walk.

Let's move on in this unparalleled set of facts regarding our new Chimera-Calves.  I'm moving now to more notes made by both Dr. Gopal and Nurse Susan.  These regard cranial development primarily.  In a report filed by Nurse Susan Collier, "Some oddity of formation is visible with the calves' remarkably large heads and shoulders which are far larger than necessary in for reasons of birth delivery.  They would seem a full 50% larger than we are accustomed to from Hereford cattle."

She goes on to say, "The mouth is not at all 'standard' with a very different palate and tongue formation as well as the capacity and shape of the oral cavity.  Forward shoulder and skull formation are well developed and the mouth in particular is of concern within the oral cavity.  At this age the skull is still forming, and this will undoubtedly affect the oral cavity's final size and design."

These Chimera Calves seem healthy by all standards from cardiovascular to their blood work they seem to be doing well.  Speaking of blood work, there seem to be no remarkable signs in the blood work other than a slightly higher than normal population of red cell platelets.  The folks at Eurimbula are still waiting on genetic screening for a closer study of their complete genetic makeup and how it differs from the heifers in the mob, those appropriated by Zeus' mob last July.

What we are witnessing is the birth of a new life form as I and others see it.  These calves will bear close watching over the next months to see just how and in what direction their development goes.  From their 'front and rear hand' development to their intelligent behaviour to the very fact that these are truly chimera, there's a lot to be considered.

Stay in touch as I try and keep up with this fast-moving story.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S. So much has happened since the writing of this article.  I'll try to keep you up to date but my 'once a week' approach has certain limitations.  Thanks for reading, listening, and viewing.

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