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Volume #091622-1345                              September 16, 2022


The Simian Black Plague continues to spread

Dateline New York City, New York -- Caught on hi-definition video is an enraged black man shooting four others in broad daylight.  Why not at night?  Why in the light of day?  The answer is simple; it's easier to hit your target in the daylight than it is at night.  Secure in the knowledge that, even if he got caught, he knew he'd be out on the streets in a matter of hours.  This is where we are today.

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It was at the Pelham Parkway public housing project in the Bronx, a breeding ground for simian low-lifes, that this monkey was caught on camera opening fire on others.  Gee, I thought you weren't allowed to have a handgun in New York.  Oh, wait a minute; this is a criminal who has one.  And for him guns are about as available as foot-long hotdogs at Coney Island.

The as yet unidentified jungle-bred gunman was wearing a peach-colored hooded sweatshirt when he walked up to his victims in broad daylight at around 4:40 p.m last Friday.  The link above will take you to chilling footage of a creature without a soul opening fire on an unarmed troop of his own kind.

I spoke with long-time police officer Alec Longren [recently retired] who used to work the Bronx as a beat cop, a patrol cop, and later a detective.  He says, "It's a zoo out there and we're the keepers.  Killings, rapes, drug deals, all this goes down and mostly we 'go through the motions' of investigating crimes never really expecting to catch the perp let alone actually send someone to prison.  It's a black man's world out there and that's just how it is."

As there are no deaths in this case we can only assume this to be the norm for monkey-marksmanship.  Obviously this punk hasn't spent any time on the range honing his shooting skills.  No, he left that to the streets.

As the NYPD continues to haemorrhage officers good and bad, their numbers continue to shrink.  "Nobody in his right mind wants to be a cop in the Bronx." says Officer McElhaney of the 101st Precinct.  He continues, "What we need is what we don't have and will never get."  What's needed are District Attorneys [prosecuting attorneys] with the clangers to prosecute these crimes for what they are.  We need colour-blind juries and courtrooms where these creeps can be tried fairly and sentenced harshly.  What in Hell is wrong with Corporal Punishment?  How about a good, sound caning as is done in other countries?  No better deterrent exists.

How about lengthy 'harsh conditions' incarceration accompanied by regular beatings, or canings, to keep these animals in mind that actions have consequences.

I'm max, and that's the way I see it!

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