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Teacher jailed for ‘improper use of pronouns’

Enoch Burke is a schoolteacher [I refuse to use the ‘woke’ term ‘educator] at Wilson’s Hospital School in Ireland.  By all accounts of his colleagues [I refuse to use the ‘woke’ term ‘co-worker] he is an excellent teacher.  This well-loved and widely respected teacher is now in jail because he refused to use the proper pronoun when addressing a sexually confused student.

The student is a boy who wants to be a girl; hence he is protected as a ‘transgender’.  Well, when Enoch referred to him as ‘him’ and ‘he’ rather than ‘she’ or ‘her’ he was immediately suspended with pay, but not allowed to teach at the school at all.

This ‘confused kid’ has been using his transgender status as a bludgeon in and out of the student body.  According to a number of students, they tip-toe in his presence as he asserts his protected status.  According to two girls we reached, “He will strike up a conversation just so he can bring up his sex-stuff.  He’ll work it all around until you are the villain, and he is the victim.  Then he runs to the headmaster’s office to complain.  He’s gotten a lot of kids in trouble, you know?

In predominantly Catholic and almost exclusively Christian Ireland, this comes as a surprise to us, Americans, across the pond.  We’ve always believed ourselves to be the leaders in ‘woke’ prejudice and moral decadence.  I guess we’re certainly not alone, and probably no longer in the lead of depravity and immorality.  ** sigh **.

It’s a long and winding explanation as to how this got him in jail, but there he is and this is why.

Click here: https://nypost.com/2022/09/06/teacher-enoch-burke-jailed-over-trans-pronouns-flap/

I spoke with Clarence O’Donnell, a recently retired teacher and administrator, who knows Enoch personally.  He says, “I’ve worked with Mr. Burke for years and he has always shown himself an outstanding teacher.  His students love him and their parents are actually quite enamoured with his presence and ability.  I’m shocked at the entire situation.  I retired early because I saw this coming and realized there was little I could do.  I pray for Enoch, his family, his students, his school, and Ireland.

Clarence said it all.  *** WE'RE NEXT! ***

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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