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Desperate over Biden's incompetence, Dems focus on Trump

There's an old adage in legal circles, "If you can't attack what people are saying, attack the people who are saying it."  That about sums up the Democrat Party's plans for the upcoming midterm election and then the big one in 2024.  Faced with an impending blood bath in upcoming midterms they're concentrating all their efforts in libel, slander, and defamation of former President Donald Trump.  Having run out of legal ammunition, character is about all that's left.  And Donald is quite a character.

It's clear to even the most die-hard Democrats that Joe Biden is addled, demented, and has lost most of his cognitive skills.  In terms of mental wellness, this empty-headed puppet of the left is circling the drain.  This has the Democrats scared to the point of desperation.

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Their main line of attack is directed toward the upcoming November Elections, the infamous mid-terms.  Democrats are scared spitless so they want the midterms to be a referendum on Trump, not our 'Weekend at Bernie's President', Bumbling Joe Biden.  They have to defame sufficient numbers of Republican candidates to such an extent that the voters will actually believe them!

They'll need to wade through the blood of Democrat losses at the ballot box, pressing onward ever onward to turn the Red Tide in Congressional and Senatorial races.  Rest assured they've got the old 'Democrat Cheat Machine' cranked up and running at full blast less with less than 60 days before the midterms.

Having spent the last 7-8 years attacking the person and profession of Donald Trump, Democrats are well-practiced in the 'artful dance' of slander, reserving their best moves for Donald Trump.  Look forward to attacks on everything from the now debunked 'Russia Russia' campaign to his associates, friends, and close family.  Look for them to attack everything about him from his race, sex, and age down to ... who knows ... body odour or his brand of toothpaste.

In short, you can no longer accept major media's claims and statements with a just a pinch of salt.  As the major media spins its web of deceit you'll need a dump truck, not a pinch.  From mild misrepresentation and insinuation to outright fabrication, the Communist-Leaning-Leftists of the Democrat Party are charging into the mid-terms with 'everything they've got'.

Unfortunately for the Democrats they're about out of ammunition.  Let's see if their Herculean efforts aren't wasted to the point of depletion.  Can Democrats run out of lies?  Can their endless imaginations finally run empty?  Can the voters see through the smoke and mirrors of Communist-Leaning-Leftists as they spew their witch's brew of poison and lies?

I sure hope so.  We all hope so.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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