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Volume #092322-1315                              September 23, 2022


Even in the blue northern states, the crisis is now obvious

Dabbling in the religion that is politics, we see more and more of the sub-sect of Democrats waking up.  They can see, as illegal aliens are unceremoniously dumped in their back yards and onto their porches, that there's a problem.  But, that's as far as it goes for our thoroughly brain-washed Progressive Liberal Democrats.

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They admit to their perceived crises and that the introduction of a few hundred, or even a thousand, illegals in their 'sanctuary states and cities' but refuse to call it what it really is.  The crisis, they say, are only in their own states whenever a bus or plane load of illegals is dumped on their doorstep.

Only then is this whole illegal alien situation a crisis according to the blue demon democrats.  No, they blame the governors, our 3 musketeers of Arizona, Texas, and Florida for exporting their illegal aliens to their sanctuary cities and states.

Says LaKenyata Greene of Boston, "The only real crisis is what they're doin' to us.  And it's just wrong for those state's governors to be sending those people up here.  We don't have a problem but they're trying to make it a problem.  Really, it's not even that bad down there."

Listen to this snowflake!  It's not a crisis until it's at her front door, I guess.

At the crux of the matter is the fact that Joe Biden dismantled or downgraded every policy that had established control over the southern border.  He did this amid his TDS [Trump Derangement Syndrome] which fuels a psychotic hatred for all things Trump.  Without consideration of what the consequences might be, Biden simply axed everything Trump had ever signed into law or done by executive order.  This is coming back to haunt him.

Joe, you can't just attack the person and win!  You need to attack policies and their effectiveness and legality, possibly morality.  But just going after 'all things Trump' is ludicrous.  Then again, you are out of your mind anyway!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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