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Volume #112422-1100                             November 24, 2022


We've surrendered minds and mouths to a new form of bigotry

There's an old adage, even a limerick of sorts, and it goes like this; "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never harm me."  Wow!  Can you even imagine a more politically incorrect statement?  This adage goes back tens of thousands of years all the way from our young republic to the ancient kingdoms of China and Samaria.  It's a statement that seems to have survived for an awful long time [longer than we can remember], but today is an endangered script, all but erased from human usage as it sinks into the quicksand of human memory.

The foul excrement of politically correct speech is a whole lot younger.  Hell, it hasn't even been around for a hundred years.  Isn't it strange how successful the whole 'political correctness' movement has been?  Having survived forever, much of our vocabulary [as demonstrated by this little limerick] has been all but erased from existence.

Today a word, a hint of a word, or even the misuse of a pronoun [also a word] can doom a person to social exile at best, and prison at worst.  We've gone all the way from banning the many nicknames surrounding ethnic minorities, sexual deviants, and other select freaks to even forbidding use of such words as 'him' and 'her'.  Yet all of this vocabularistic nonsense has failed to erase the minds and memories of tens of millions of Americans.  Time will do that.

The other day I was having a discussion on racism and the falsely labelled concept of 'reverse racism' [one of those 'newly invented' words now in our vocabulary] with two of my black friends and two blacks who are NOT my friends.  In the course of our discussion I used the words 'you people' in allusion to blacks.


Pull the pin and duck!


My friends weren't offended; in fact, they didn't even blink when I uttered those thermonuclear words.  The other two, however, displayed the thinness of their skin as they erupted into a verbal tirade of complaint at my 'horrific' use of those terrible and almost unforgivable words, 'you people'.

I am old enough to remember when even the words n!gg*r, faggot, even cripple didn't elicit such a violent response.  I can remember when blacks and whites, gays and handicapped were a lot more congenial and tensions weren't boiling over with help from Washington, the press, and the subtle inklings of Communist subversion.  Back then it really was a world with thicker skin and more of a 'live and let live' attitude.

Sure, there was racism [but it cut both ways even back then] and there was anti-gay sentiment [which also cuts both ways] but these were no more endemic to our society then than they are today.  So why has our skin become so thin as to actually fuel the fires of prejudice?  How are the issues of enhanced perception of prejudice and political correctness now 'the rule of the day'?

Why is it that the whole world of political correctness is aimed [like a gun sight] at whites and straights?  How is it that society has banned and even removed over 143 words from our vocabulary?  How is it that we've actually invented new words to fit the mood?  Just what's going on anyway?

How is it that blacks can openly call one another 'n!gg@r', and it's considered a term of endearment, but when a white person uses the same word, it becomes a 'hate crime' and he or she [there I go again with those horrible pronouns] can even go to jail for their use?


Flip the coin.


When a black calls a white 'cracker', or a gay calls a straight 'breeder' or any of a few other vile nicknames that's also 'okay'.  After all, this 'one-way' dialogue has been designed to divide people of all flavours.  All of this is what we euphemistically refer to as 'politically correct' speech.

As my sainted grandmother used to say, "It makes my ass hurt."  Well, my abuela had many such exclamations, some far more colourful than this one.  But she was right, and as she would say, "Political Correctness makes my ass hurt too."

Look around you and ask yourself this question; does the 'crime' of socially unacceptable use of pronouns or other terms really warrant the punishment?  Do you think we might be overdoing it ... just a little bit?

I do.  I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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