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People across the world realize Covid restrictions are invalid

Covid-19 was horribly overplayed as we now know.  We heard of literally millions of deaths 'with Covid' but not 'of Covid'.  Simply put, using horribly inaccurate testing methodologies, virtually every death going through hospitals around the world was being attributed to the dreaded and much exaggerated Covid-19 and its many spooky variants.

The lockdowns in the United States, like in Australia, Italy, and China itself [the home of Covid-19] were more an exercise in control than precautions to save lives.  Australia and China were the world's leaders in exercise of draconian measures on their own people.  These were totally aimed at control, not containment.


Let's take China today, where the Covid-19 'Omicron Variant' is being blamed for infecting millions of Chinese.  It's interesting that they're not talking about hospitalisations or deaths, but only about infections.  Hmmm.  That means that, like Australia once did, China is using 'new infection' data to initiate their multitude of lockdowns, mandatory 'vaccinations', and masking measures.  What's amazing is how the Aussies put up with the crap for as long as they did.

What's equally amazing and heartening is that the Chinese are fed up with this bull!  They are rioting in the millions from East to West and North to South.  Not one of China's 125 major cities has escaped civil disobedience and riot.  The people are wising up that the whole thing [which their government created] has been over for nearly a year!  Click the link below and hold onto your bootstraps!  This is what it's like when you piss off the Chinese people.



No, I am not a Covid Denier, but far from it!  I realize the following truths regarding Covid-19:

● The virus originated in Wuhan City in China's Hubei province.  This city hosts a Level 4 Biolab actively engaged in 'gain of function research' aimed at the development and weaponization of otherwise harmless viruses.

● The virus was accidentally released from the lab in 2019, about September ~ October.  This was not a deliberate release, but the result of sloppy management and poor containment protocols.

China realized immediately that this virus could be harmful and had already developed a vaccine for it.

The problem, of course, is that the vaccine was only partially effective, and still shows an effective rate of about 17%.  That's about on par with the annual influenza vaccinations issued in the United States.

China lied about its origins until they could be assured it had spread globally.

China knew the virus was NOT deadly in and of itself but might contribute to the deaths of the ill or elderly already infected with pneumonia.  The genetic structure of the Covid-19 allows for it to assimilate the characteristics of a pneumonia virus and therefore cause pneumonia in the patient.  Again, it of itself is NOT deadly.

America's pharmaceutical firms rushed to develop a 'vaccine' and only succeeded in developing a non-vaccine which was actually a 'symptom suppressor' rather than a true vaccine.  Unlike a true vaccine as defined in medical science, the injections issued to hundreds of millions of Americans rely on mRNA manipulation and, down the ladder, DNA modification as a result of receiving multiple 'booster' shots for the virus.  Science bears this out.

● Because of its nature, none of the injections offered by Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and any other mRNA processors is capable of preventing transfer of the virus between people.  Yep, that means you can still catch it, even more than once, and you can still transmit the virus to others.  The injections do nothing more than suppress or lessen the severity of symptoms [51% of the time] if you catch the virus.

Hospitals and governments were so deeply tied to the financial aspects of the virus that the truth became as strange to them as a 3-headed-giraffe with wings.  Hospitals are suspected of modifying records to show 'Death due to Covid' rather than 'Death with Covid' on a grand scale, raking in hundreds of billions of dollars as a result of fraudulent diagnoses and negligence in treatment of pneumonia victims testing positive with Covid-19.

Simply following the test, diagnose, treat, and observe protocol so many lives could have been saved.  Hospitals and doctors [afraid for their jobs] allowed for the deaths of untold millions all based on the ridiculous test, treat for pain, send home, admit to hospital and ventilate until they either die or get better protocol.  Most of them died.

Let me clarify terms here.  "'Death due to Covid' means that a person's death was caused directly by or significantly impacted by Covid-19 resulting in the death of that person."

'Death with Covid' means that a person died while testing positive for Covid-19.  Theoretically, a person could jump off a bridge, bounce off the rocks, get caught in the propellers of a ship and be partially eaten by sharks ... and if this corpse tested positive for Covid-19 that person died 'with' Covid and not 'of' Covid.  Most hospitals, because of the money, would quickly label this a 'Covid Death' based on the Covid test results.  Never mind the altitude, rocky cliffs, passing ships, and hungry sharks' part in this person's death.  Nope it's a 'Covid Death' for sure.

That's pretty sad, don't you think?  If you were to draw blood from me and hundreds of millions of others in America, you would find Small Pox in the blood.  Having been vaccinated in the 1950's and 1960's for Small Pox, a miniscule sample of the virus had to be injected into our bloodstreams.

This allowed the body to build resistance to the disease.  So keep this in mind that I would test positive for Small Pox.

If I die tomorrow, for whatever reason, and they test my blood does this mean that I died of Small Pox?  What if I had a common cold, a common corona virus?  The new tests still can't tell a cold from Covid.  This means that if I had a cold and developed pneumonia the Covid test would show me positive.  "Death by Common Cold?"

That's been the flawed logic feeding the fraudulent behaviour of hospitals and states drawing trillions of dollars from the federal government, insurance companies, and other sources.  Yes, a lot of people have gotten filthy rich over this whole Covid fiasco.  Covid-19 is genuine, but the hysteria is a creation of government and media.

In Guanhzhou, China a family of 4 died supposedly 'of Covid' but, against his supervisor's orders, Dr. Qiu Li performed autopsies on the family.  His findings showed that they all had died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning from a faulty gas fireplace in their home.  He released these results and has since disappeared.  The Chinese 'dark network' social media has dubbed 'Dead Ducks' released these figures.

We can be sure that China's woes are largely due to people waking up to the fact that no amount of propaganda can cover the truth forever.

Here, in the United States, the most advanced propaganda campaign in history is still being waged by the United States Government and the major pharmaceutical firms enabled and instigated by Beijing's stranglehold on the United States Government.  From television to radio to print media to social media, Beijing's puppets in Washington keep them all in check through threat of action.  What action that might be is a matter of speculation but is surely enough to scare the crap of anybody who would think to disobey their Cino-American masters.

While America is largely out from under the blanket of lies and draconian regulations of the Covid hysteria, we're not in the clear yet.  Already the US government is stepping up its propaganda, following California as the vanguard toward new lockdowns and forced vaccinations.  Their motto must be, "We did it before and we can do it again!"  If so, they've got another thing coming.

This commercial is an example of the horrifically graphic propaganda spread over major media.


While Chinese and Aussies don't have guns, they do have force of numbers, brick-bats, clubs, knives, and a host of other improvised weapons to make themselves heard.  And that's what they are doing ... making themselves heard.  We can be grateful the American people are so well armed and ready to use their arms in defence.  Were it not for that one fact, it's a surety the United States would already have fallen to the dark forces in Washington.

In the end I blame it all on Beijing.  I blame them for their creation and release the virus.  I blame them for sucking so much money out of us, shamelessly, as they sold us ineffective pseudo-vaccines and test kits.  I blame them for blaming us for the spread of the virus.

I blame Beijing for their tight financial control of virtually all major media in the United States.  Most of all I blame them for co-opting our government into following their instructions and assuring their benefit over ours.

A whole lotta people gotta pay for this one, and it should not be us!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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