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Cries of 'systemic racism' hurled at the Powerball Lottery

This is an amazing example of just how far 'over the top' wokes, wiggers, and various minority groups have gone in perpetuating the myth of 'systemic racism'.

In the NY Post a headline reads, "Lottery accused of ‘systemic racism’ after massive Powerball payout."

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What the Hell?  You people are driving the few sane people left, toward insanity.  It's one thing when you bitch and whine so loudly that government institutes racist policies against the majority.  Defying all facets of the principle of 'majority rule', we've struggled under various 'affirmative action' programs and even laws, for decades, all the while promoting racism on a grand scale.  That racism has been and still is primarily directed against Whites and Asians in order to further provide unfair advantage to Blacks.

Recently the courts have ruled that universities may no longer recruit and enroll students based on racial criteria.  This has denied many well-qualified applicants in favour of those less qualified in order to meet 'minority enrolment quotas'.  Hooray for the Supreme Court!

Now, reviewing the woke claims that America is systemically racist, we see a new high in lows of idiocy.  Quoting from the New York Post: "A CNN piece on Wednesday spoke with critics knocking the lottery system as a form of systemic racism that targets poor Black and Brown communities across America.  The largest Powerball jackpot lottery ticket ever was recently sold in Altadena, California, with one lucky resident winning a historic $2.04 billion. The odds were 1 in 292.2 million.

Researchers told CNN that despite the extremely low chance of winning, state lotteries still aggressively market the lottery and sell tickets to low-income communities at higher rates, thus misleading Americans to believe it will help them quickly generate wealth."

So, what's wrong with that?  It's a fact that the most lucrative market for 'get rich quick' schemes of every stripe is the minority community.  Their culture has cultivated a generations-old 'get rich quick' mentality among a disproportionate number of minorities.  Banks, insurance companies, mortgage brokers, even the medical community have taken advantage of these stark cultural differences.

I would argue that, if anything, the lottery commission is favouring minorities in the lottery.  Why?  Think about it; if they sell more tickets to minorities than say, Whites, doesn't this increase the chance of a minority being the winner?  Isn't this actually a sort of 'affirmative action' policy in and of itself?

Systemically racist?  Maybe.  But favouring minorities over the majority.

Think about it.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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