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Volume #112022-1145                             November 20, 2022


Animals in herds worldwide have begun to walk in pattern.

Last week it was reported that the Eurimbula cattle had begun to behave strangely, walking in a perfect circle superimposed over a perfect cross of two lines.  We noted the behaviour's beginning on November the 4th of this year.  It began at precisely at 12pm and ended at precisely at 6pm Australian Eastern Time.

What we didn't know until now is that a number of strange animal behaviours have begun elsewhere in the world and in locations every bit as remote as the Eurimbula.  One in particular is happening in Inner Mongolia, a province of the People's Republic of ChinaClick this link and see just what you think:

Dozens of sheep in the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia have been unexplainably parading in a circle for what is now 14 days without letup.  Their bizarre behaviour, captured on surveillance video, shows the flock from 'Pen #13' continuously marching in a nearly perfect circle, and in a clockwise direction.

Of interest is the fact that the 'farm' is only a kilometre away from a Chinese Agricultural Research Facility.  This 'facility' is very well secured and guarded for just being a 'farm'.  Does this ring any bells?  Where have we heard of an Agricultural Research Facility producing animals that act in such bizarre fashion?


A man of science, I do not believe in coincidence!


Also of note is that, exactly on the half hour one or two sheep will leave the formation and step into the centre of the circle where they remain motionless for exactly 6 minutes before returning to the 'parade' of circling sheep.

Video of the strange scene was tweeted Wednesday by Chinese state-run outlet People’s Daily, which reported the sheep are perfectly healthy and the cause of the behaviour remains a mystery.

The sheep owner, identified as Ms. Miao, claimed the spectacle began with only a few sheep before the whole flock joined in.  Although the farm has 34 sheep pens, only the sheep from one particular pen 'Pen #13' behave in this fashion.

An eyewitness, Guo Hui, says, "It was around ten o'clock in the morning [noon Australian Time].  When all of Pen #13's sheep, in the yard, suddenly stopped and made no noise whatsoever.  They just stood there all looking in the same direction.  It's as if they were expecting someone or something.  This lasted for about 6 minutes and as I gathered my things to go out and take a look, the entire herd broke into the circular marching which they have not yet stopped."

According to reports from Manzhouli, the central district for Inner Mongolian Agriculture [CDA] this is unprecedented behaviour.  Declining all future comment, they have closed all access to Ms. Miao's farm and adjoining research facility.

I spoke with Guo Hui's cousin, Deng Liu Wan who lives about five kilometres from the farm.  He reports unusual military activity in the area.  Deng says, "I awoke early to the rumble of trucks, many trucks, all headed up the highway toward my sister's [a term used for 'cousin'] farm and the big government sheep station [the 'formerly secret' facility].  I can only guess how many soldiers there were as the line of military vehicles went past my home for nearly a half hour.  My math says it was at least 10 kilometres long."

His math is good, and by my calculations such a stream would involve hundreds of personnel and vehicles.  What in Hell is going on there to demand such an immediate response?

When we go back to the Eurimbula we see the cattle circling in a clockwise direction as well and of note is that the Australian cattle and the Mongolian sheep began this odd circling behaviour almost on cue one from another, at noon [Australian Eastern Time] and whatever time that is in China Standard Time.  Remember too, that they are walking in the same direction.

This is high strangeness as similar activity has been reported in Brazil, North Scotland, and even South Africa.  I won't speculate because, frankly, it escapes me.

For now, I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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