Thursday, November 3, 2022



Volume #110322-1145                             November 3, 2022


Venezuelan Invaders cross our border through use of force.

No longer content with just sneaking across the border, Illegals have taken a more belligerent stance and are openly attacking Border Patrol Agents.  What was once a pacifistic movement has now become an open armed invasion of the southern border.  Agents are no longer meeting the meek and submissive aliens of the past, but now face those willing to use force against them.

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Release of dramatic new video footage demonstrates a violent confrontation between migrants and US authorities along the Mexican border in El Paso, Texas.  As Aliens hurled bricks and stones at Border Patrol Agents, they also attacked officers with spear-like flagpoles sporting the Venezuelan flag.  It was then that Border Patrol resorted to firing pepper balls after one officer was struck by a rock and another assaulted with a flagpole.

Sum this up.  These bastards have no wish to 'assimilate' with Americans.  It's obvious when you see them waving Venezuelan flags as they blatantly wade across the Rio Grande.  They are loyal to Venezuela, that's obvious.  They are violent, that's obvious.  They don't care who gets hurt or even killed as long as they can invade and change the landscape of America, that's obvious.

The escalating border war and our badly broken immigration system are the matches most likely to light the fires of civil war.  Washington must get a hold of this situation once and for all.  Next week, you must vote for those candidates with a voting record or pledge of reforming our immigration system and closing our borders to criminals.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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