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Volume #110422-1500                             November 4, 2022


Burglar shot and wounded while invading Texas home.

He's an Illegal Alien!  A shocker for you ... NOT!

Three cheers for the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America!  A well-armed Texas mom shot and wounded an illegal alien who invaded her home.  The IA [Illegal Alien] broke into her house through the garage and began banging on her bedroom door where she and her children were huddled.

Officer Duncan has the breaking information.  He says, "This creep has been confirmed to be here [in the United States] illegally.  He is held on criminal charges which will most likely be dissolved as he is simply deported to Mexico.  He'll be back.  I sometimes wonder why I haven't already retired from this."

The mother shot this illegal through the door after repeatedly warning him that she was armed and that the police were on their way.  He didn't give a damn and kept working on the door.  Seeing the door begin to give way, she shot him 'through the door', causing him to flee.

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Unfortunately, this Illegal Alien cum Home Invader was quickly apprehended by cops, taken to the hospital for his bullet wound, and then arrested and booked into the county jail.  He is being held on $750,000 bond.  This is only one of many cases where one of these invaders breaks into our country, our homes, and our bedrooms.

It's time to get tough on the border, but Washington drags its heels in the wake of record numbers of invaders crossing our border.  What is Washington up to?  Why are they welcoming murderers, trespassers, rapists, drug dealers, terrorists, and vagrants with open arms while they throw barriers in the way of lawful immigration applicants?

It sucks, and so does Joe Biden,

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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