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Volume #112722-1040                             November 27, 2022


Spooky action at a distance.  Eurimbula and Inner Mongolia

A huge surprise has taken me days to confirm.  The sheep in Inner Mongolia have ceased their unexplained march in a circle.  They all broke up and scattered at exactly the same time as did the march of cattle in Australia.

At exactly 6pm Eastern Australia Time which is about 4pm in Inner Mongolia, all the marching livestock simply stopped.  According to Guo Hui, an observer in Inner Mongolia; "The sheep suddenly stopped, and they all looked into the air for about 6 seconds before breaking up.  When they finished looking up at the sky they just wandered around the paddock or returned to their pens."

Simultaneously, Nurse Ada in Australia reports; "It was at 6pm sharp that the cows stopped walking and circling as they do every day but there was a difference this time.  This time when they stopped, they all looked up into the sky for exactly 6 seconds before they broke up.  I want to say also that they no longer sleep in compass alignment or with noses together.  It's bloody spooky, that's what it is!"

'Spooky' is an interesting word because it brings to mind Albert Einstein's theory of Quantum Entanglement, also known as 'spooky action at a distance' which seems to apply here with the Australian and Inner Mongolian animals.  Look this theory up in Google and see what I mean or just click here: to get a better understanding of the otherwise unexplainable events taking place between the Eurimbula National Park in Australia and a sheep station in remote Inner Mongolia, China.

They all ceased their marches on the 22nd of November 2022 at 0700 Greenwich Mean Time.  It happened as the Aussies say, "on the tick".  What connection there is remains a mystery, as much a mystery as the cocoon at the Eurimbula National Park.  Was there some form of universal communication between animals halfway around the world from one another?  Was there an all-powerful command to the animals from a 3rd party?  The answer is that we don't have an answer.

Now cometh my theory:  What if the sheep in Inner Mongolia, China have been genetically engineered in similar or exact replication of what the Aussies have done with the Zeus Mob?  What if there is a connection between the two herds / flocks brought about by some undisclosed cooperation between the two countries' secret research programmes?  The Chinese are well known for keeping dark secrets surrounding even darker deeds.  SARS, Covid-19, H1N1 Influenza and a host of other horrors have emerged through the genetic meddling of Chinese Scientists.

We already know that Australian CSIRO scientists have no more morals or conscience than their Chinese counterparts.  They worked with these cattle to create a so-called 'super strain' and have ended up with something rapidly getting out of hand.  Both countries have deployed the military to keep their experiments in check.  Both have tried with little success to keep it all secret.  Both conducted their research in relatively remote areas far from the prying eyes of unauthorised personnel.

What are we dealing with?  What is the end game of these cooperating parties?  Are the Chinese and Australians the only ones involved with this research?  Are all efforts under one roof of direction and compliance?

Questions, questions, questions

I'd like to change gears here and go to the cocoon which shows signs of opening literally any time as of the writing of this article.  All we know is that it will open soon, but how soon is anybody's guess as this is an entirely new area of science and surrounded by mystery on all levels and at every layer.

I'll keep you abreast of the latest as it comes to hand, and I expect things to go 'bat-shit crazy' all too soon.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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