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Volume #110622-1145                             November 6, 2022


A phenomenon so strange it can't be explained ... yet.

Dateline Eurimbula National Park, Queensland, Australia -- In the past couple of weeks the flow of information has been irregular and erratic.  I am receiving calls from folks who are not 'allowed' to call, and recently received a package from a courier service.  I'll try and bring you up to date, but there is a lot of data in the form of numbers.

Let's address the cocoon which continues to confound us all.  This was once a heifer, and 'almost overnight' it went into a chrysalis form and since then has morphed into a hard, a very hard shell.  Scientists and doctors on the scene have been afraid to use x-rays but are gleaning a lot of information using high-power ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging [MRI]to look beneath the forbidding walls and find out just what it is that lives within this 'stone cocoon'.

Okay, now for the boring facts and figures:

The cocoon measures 60" [152cm] from end to end and is oblong in shape.  It weighs approximately 356lb [161kg].  It has a 'heartbeat' and other biologic noises emanating from within.  Using audio pickups and a stethoscope, Dr. Subramaniam has managed to discern the sounds of respiration, digestion, and heartbeat ... if indeed anyone can really tell.

More recently, a series of electrodes have been attached to the cocoon and hooked up to an EEG machine.  The hope was that scientists would find brainwave patters ... and they have!  Okay, we've got a heavy, hard, oblong rock that used to be a cow.  This sounds insane because it IS insane.  Now let's get to more truly, absolutely, inexplicably insane facts.

The cocoon has opened two small holes, one at each end of its shell.  They measure approximately .3 of an inch [6mm] in diameter and appear to go all the way through the shell.  Studying these mysterious holes which appeared late in the night and grew for three days, there is a definite expulsion of air from one end and suction at the other.  Okay, does this mean that one end sucks and the other blows?  Not exactly.  It means that the ends are working together and alternate inhale and exhale between them.

A nurse, seeing what appeared to be a hair or piece of fibre on the outer edge of the 'South' hole, reached over to remove it.  It was indeed loose, but as her forceps reached the orifice she was literally disabled, knocked to the ground from an electric shock.  Others watched a spark jump from the orifice and have heard a loud snapping sound, such as an electrical discharge would create.

Nurse Sharon described it as being 'identical' to a shock she once received from an electric eel.  She has completely recovered but won't go anywhere near the cocoon.

When Senior Nurse ADA placed a lit match in front of one of the holes, she watched the flame bend toward the hole and then suddenly snuff out as the hole expelled air.  This is assumed by all on hand to be respiration.  I believe the creature within this rock is breathing outside air, having exhausted whatever ability it had to live and gather oxygen before.

I also believe this is why the holes have appeared, so that the creature inside can continue its life cycle, whatever that may be.  Both Drs. Subramaniam and Giannini agree this is the most likely explanation.  Whatever lives inside this 'living rock' of a cocoon is now breathing outside air.  Is this weird enough for you?  Hold onto your hats folks!  Wait, there's more!

This cocoon has oriented itself with 'True North'.  Using a felt pen, Dr. Subramaniam has marked the ends of the cocoon 'N' and 'S' because the cocoon insists on being so aligned.  Insists?  Well, every time the cocoon is reoriented, it snaps back to its true north alignment.  It 'snaps' back with such force that a Nurse Attendant had his finger jammed [nothing serious] as the cocoon snapped from its temporary orientation back to its favourite alignment of true north and south.

For those of you who don't know what 'True North' is, let me fill you in: True North is according to the earth's axis, not magnetic north: "compass readings vary from 7.9° to 6.7° west of true north".  This means that a compass will show 'magnetic north' as it homes in on huge iron deposits under the polar caps but will not follow true north.  We know, however, that there is a variation, a difference of 6.7 to 7.9 degrees between true north and magnetic north.  Somehow, this cocoon has found true north and wants to stay aligned with it.

With the cocoon a true mystery, this high strangeness extends to the two bull calves from Zeus' heifers.  The two calves have been walking a line across the paddock, a distance of about 262 feet [80 meters] in a line which is exactly aligned to true north.  Yes, this 'walking the line' goes on about 6 hours of every day, at the exact time every day.  At exactly noon the calves begin this strange 'trek' and discontinue at exactly 6pm.

Does this mean the calves not only know where true north is, but does it mean they can tell time?  Drs Subramanian and Giannini agree with me that these two bull calves have a highly sophisticated Circadian Rhythm.  Again, for those who are not familiar with Circadian Rhythm, here's an explanation:

Circadian rhythms are 24-hour cycles that are part of the body’s internal clock, running in the background to carry out essential functions and processes.  One of the most important and well-known circadian rhythms is the sleep-wake cycle.  Different systems of the body follow circadian rhythms that are synchronized with a master clock in the brain.  This master clock is directly influenced by environmental cues, especially light, which is why circadian rhythms are tied to the cycle of day and night.

My own Circadian rhythm is so well-tuned that I awake mere moments [only seconds] before my alarm clock goes off.  This is a very simple example of one of the many functions performed within the dictates of our own Circadian rhythms.

So, these cows are 'on the clock' with an accuracy that asks the question, "Are they watching a clock on the wall?  Can they tell time?"  The answer here is a resounding, "No."  In an experiment weeks ago all clocks, mobile phones, and watches were banned from the facility.  No clocks have been visible to the calves, yet they continue to maintain their noon-six schedule with frightening chronological accuracy.

Add to this the fact that the calves are not only walking a true north line but sleeping on one as well.  What's astonishing is that they sleep, nose to nose, in perfect alignment with true north.  When disturbed from their sleep, they will eventually reassume the orientation as they go back to sleep.  So, what in Hell is going on here?

I've given you a boatload of facts and information, so let's see if I can toss out a hypothesis, an idea of mine, and see if it holds water.  Here we go:

These genetically engineered animals are far from the 'first fruits' in the CSIRO's bid to genetically engineer these creatures.  We also know now that the following DNA has been used in their creation: Human [Caucasian Northern European], Bovine [British Hereford], Arachnid [Brazilian Wandering Spider], Shark [Greenland Shark], and DNA recovered from a meteorite which crashed in Australia's Northern Territory in 1990.

This much we know.  We know that what we have is some creation of man, cow, spider, shark, and 'alien' engineered and created over more than eleven years by the once super-secret programme at the CSIRO's formerly secret agriculture research facility.  Sorry about that guys!

I can't begin to think of how many sins have been committed here, let alone the number of laws broken if you consider international treaties of which Australia, is a member.  Whatever it is is an abomination.  These people are 'playing God' and it might just be they have awakened Lucifer!

I believe the cocoon and cattle are aligning themselves using the earth's magnetic field.  This accounts for the true north behaviour, or at least the animals' ability to determine true north.  It doesn't explain the cocoon and its orientation.

Question: If this cocoon can move, how does it do it?  There are no feet, legs, undulating surfaces that could explain its ability to rotate to position.  There is an area of approximately ten by ten inches on which it rests and rotates on a smooth metal surface.  Being such a small area of contact between rock and table, it is easy for someone to rotate or spin it.  What I don't know is whether there is such a low coefficient of friction here that its self-propelled rotation can be explained.

Nothing in this story of the Eurimbula and Zeus' herd makes any scientific sense, let alone 'common sense' and we are all guessing as best we can.  I am a man of science, and as such I am fascinated at the biology and physics of what is occurring here.  I am also concerned as an ordinary man at the extraordinary events taking place in a portable building deep in the dense forests of the Eurimbula National Park.

I'm working to keep you abreast, and it's not easy so please bear with me.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it! 

Footnote:  The holes at each end of the cocoon have begun to enlarge, to grow bigger

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