Tuesday, October 27, 2020



Volume 97                                 October 27, 2020

It’s all about the elephant in the room.   With the highly politicized Wuhan Virus, we have seen the incredible unity among Democrats and their Socialist Controlled media.  Scare tactics, misinformation, false news flood our airwaves, cable channels, and even radio in an effort to keep us all in a state of fear and, hopefully, outright panic!

From the misreporting of ‘new’ infections rather than ‘newly discovered’ infections to the falsely labelled ‘covid deaths’ we are bombarded with sensationalist projections and speculation … all disguised as ‘news’.  There can be no doubt that this entire scare is largely politically engineered.  The message is clear, whether you listen to so called ‘comedians’ or waste your time on late night television or the lying talking heads of network ‘news’.  The drumbeat is all for one thing, “Get Trump Out”.

We’re looking at Stage 2 of the Germaphobe Indoctrination.  Stage 1 really began in 2010.  Hand sanitizer, disinfectant sprays, and the general message ,”Germs are everywhere and ready to strike … beware!”   We were flooded with television advertising and, in response, sent our kids out to school with disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and the scary message, “Use this often or you’ll get really sick.”

I came back to America in 2017 and was immediately surprised at the overwhelming number of people who cleaned their hands about every 10-15 minutes.  I just watched, noted, and discovered that the use of hand sanitizers and wipes had reached epidemic proportions.

Now, in Stage 2 … we are being conned, cajoled, and pressured to wear face masks or coverings everywhere and always.  The mask has become for many, a sign of unity.  For many others it signifies surrender, surrender to the totalitarian state which has spent so much time prepping the people for just such an opportunity as the Wuhan Virus and the ensuing man-made crisis and promoted hysteria.

Yes, it’s a politically, ~ control oriented panick and it’s working remarkably well thus far.  Some of us see the truth, but many are afraid to speak out against the growing status quo.  Well, I’ll be damned if I will roll over when I know better.

I'm max, and that's the way I see it!



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