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Volume 99                                 November 15, 2020


A treatise by Dr. Max Allen. MD


When faced with the infamous Covid-19, hereafter referred to as the Wuhan Plague, came to us from China, what did we do in order to protect ourselves?  We were ignorant of its potency, survivability, and infectiousness.  We knew nothing of its long-term effects.  What did we do?  We panicked.  It is said “Panic is the bastard child of fear.” … Doel Cam Nai.

We put on face masks, locked down entire populations, and imprisoned our senior citizens to suffer death in close quarters.  We shut down businesses, schools, government offices, and closed public areas such as public parks.  We banned social gatherings and all public sports.  We began to practice something new called ‘Social Distancing’, perhaps better named ‘Anti-social Distancing’ due to its deleterious effects on our society at large.

Now, afraid to come within 6 feet of one another [where did we get this ‘6 feet’ from?] and afraid to go anywhere without a mask, we hunkered down in the thicket of our homes like baby rabbits hiding from a hawk circling overhead.  Shivering in fright and cowering in the face of an unknown assailant we thought to ourselves, “Now maybe we are safe.  Staying away from everyone, wearing masks, cleaning our hands incessantly will all make us better and protect us from the horrific viral epidemic.”  Remember that the 6 foot rule has never been qualified in peer reviewed study.  WE WERE WRONG!

Let’s look at what is now common knowledge in the medical community and those with even an inkling of scientific common sense.  As we made virtually every mistake possible, doing the exact opposite of what should have been done, let’s look at the elements of error which continue to plague us.

First:  Face Coverings, the Myth of the Mask:  Even the venerable N95 face coverings do not completely filter out the Wuhan Plague Virus.  Given the fact that most Americans wear simple, non-rated, and ill-fitting face coverings ranging from handkerchiefs to ‘neck gaters’ or paper masks, there is virtually no protection from the virus offered by ‘masking’ as we know it.

These ‘masks’ allow virtually any virus to enter or leave without hindrance.  They can’t keep this virus out or in for that matter.  This means that when you breathe in, if the virus is present, you will inhale that virus with no less potency than if you had nothing over your nose at all.  Virii are so small [70-90 nanometres according to NIH] as to be able to pass through any porous barrier such as a paper mask.  Consequently, when you breathe out, if the virus is present, you will exhale that virus with no less potency than if you had nothing over your face at all.  Again, we see that masks cannot do the job.  Remember this: Only closed-system respirators can protect you from the virus.

The dangers of wearing a mask:  1.Wearing a mask may well give you a false sense of safety, and bring to take risks you normally would.  2. Also, failure to change or clean masks regularly [according to NIH, every 2-3 hours when worn continuously] exposes one to a myriad of infectious bacterial infections.  When the mask has been worn for too long, it no longer allows larger bacteria and spittle to exit the mask.  The wearer is re-breathing these harmful particles.

There exists a ‘spittle’ argument but it bears no credibility as, according to the National Institutes of Health in their release in June, 2020; “Contact with other’s flesh or soft outside surfaces is highly unlikely.”  They go on to say that, “Contact with hard surfaces is extremely unlikely to allow infection from the virus.”  It’s a fact: The dangers of mask wearing outweigh any possible benefits.

Second:  ‘Anti-Social’ Distancing:  Keeping one’s distance from others is a questionable practice only because no peer-reviewed studies exist telling us just how far apart we need to be in order to effectively avoid contact with the virus.  In some countries the standard is 1 metre.  In the USA and Canada it’s 2 metres.  In many Asian countries the distance is ‘an arm’s length’.  Who is to say who is right?  In the absence of peer-reviewed science, distancing is a crap shoot at best.

It should also be remembered regarding the devastating social damage done by this questionable practice.  The American Mass Media has nick-named virtually any social gathering of which they don’t approve, a ‘Super Spreader Event’.  This is a key tenet in their event to find terms that frighten, keeping ratings and readership high.

Remember this: ’Sheltering in place’ has resulted in mass suicides in the west.

Third:  Continual, often pathological, hand washing:  This is a disturbing trend that was picked up by the American People somewhere around 2015 or so as the makers of hand sanitizers pushed their product at first during cold and flu season, and later year round.  Sanitizing products quickly became fashionable.  Newly converted germophobes, mothers packed sanitizing wipes in their kids’ school backpacks, and carried them around themselves for use virtually everywhere.

Continual use of these cleaners is known to strip away the protective barrier of oils in the skin leaving its users far more susceptible to viral or bacterial infection.  It has been postulated that years of continual hand washing in our country may well have contributed to an increased susceptibility to various viral infection.  Keep in mind:  Continued use of hand cleaner lowers one’s resistance to infection.

Today we know this about Wuhan Plague:

 a.  The Wuhan Plague is no more fatal than seasonal influenza.  Multiple peer-reviewed studies from CDC and NIH show us that the fatality and survivability of this plague is a very close reflection of seasonal influenza outbreaks.

b.  It is now ‘extremely unlikely’ to contract Wuhan Plague from a hard surface.  As everywhere from big box stores to small boutiques workers wipe down every surface one can imagine.

People are left with the false sense of security believing that now they are safe from infection.  According to NIH, “… contagion of Covid-19 through contact with hard surfaces is extremely unlikely.”  It’s basically ‘security circus’, and that’s all.

c.  Current testing cannot identify any particular strain of Corona Virus.  Of the 4 primary strains; Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and any novel combinations thereof we cannot determine which strain or combination a person has been exposed to.  This means that if you have or recently had a cold, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, you will test positive for the Wuhan Plague.  This is true of any tests currently in use.  Again, this is because current testing can only identify the broad spectrum of Corona Virus.  This puts the lie to the radically varying ‘infectious count’ we hear on the radio and on television hourly.  It’s a fact: “Current Covid testing is inconclusive.” Globus Institute for Virological Studies.

d.  Death figures assigned to the virus are wildly inaccurate due to the high-profit potential of a Corona Virus Diagnosis.  Hospitals are reimbursed with federal funds at a rate roughly 23 times that of diagnosed influenza and pneumonia deaths [U.S. Dept. of Health, August, 2020].  With such a profit margin at one’ fingertips hospital administrators have clear motive to ‘fudge’ figures. 

Cases of diagnosis fraud continue to come to the public’s attention.  Such fraud as motorcycle accident victims being diagnosed as ‘Covid Deaths’ by hospital administrators are rising every day.

Any number of trauma related deaths may find themselves diagnosed as ‘Covid-Related’.  It’s clear to see that: Hospitals are encouraged by high profits to misdiagnose Covid-19.

e.  Hospital Bed Deficiency:  The highly unlikely and easily disproved stories of hospitals bulging at the seams from Plague hospitalizations are everywhere in the media.  For those few hospitals seeing a greater influx of patients, the fact is that the bulk of them are influenza and seasonal pneumonia patients.  Given the greater profitability from a Wuhan Plague patient, again these figures are fudged.

A walk through any hospital in my area, and other areas of the country is likely to show you half-empty wards, emergency rooms with light to normal traffic, and Intensive Care Units less than half full.  A closer look will show that about half of patients in ICU have been admitted for influenza, pneumonia, or trauma related injuries.  The Centers for Disease Control tell us: Hospital wards nationally are at 45% capacity … CDC, Sep. 2020.

f.  Last but not least.  Almost all patient deaths attributed to Wuhan Plague are never verified by autopsy.  No autopsy … no cause of death … Dr. Maxwell Allen, MD.”  It’s that simple.

We live in a land where the mass media has successfully drafted the bulk of the population into a state of fear and panic.  They keep the people in this state by leading every story with dubious statistics, projections, prognostications, and statements regarding an exaggerated threat!  Media hype is nothing new.  In the words of the famed newspaper man, “If it bleeds, it reads.”  William Randolph Hearst.

There can be no doubt that most of this hysteria is politically motivated.  There can be little to no doubt the completely SOCO [Socialist/Communist] media, in service to the Democrat Party, has whipped the population into fervour and frightful hysteria in order to improve their presidential candidate’s chances of winning the election.

Simply put in plain language.  Don’t be a sucker!  Look around you!  Read!

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!


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