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V.A.B.s in their teens are readily capable of any atrocity.

It's this simple: V.A.B.s [Violent American Bl@ck Subculture] has spread its violence and disregard for life from sea to shining sea.

We expect black mob violence in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles, but many overlook the fact that it's rampant in Las Vegas and other smaller cities as well.  Over time the black presence has become a dominant one in Vegas, and yet another child has fallen victim to the modern-day "Bl@ck Plague."

The latest plague victim is young Johathan Lewis, a 17-year-old white boy who was beaten to death by a mob of over 15 angry bl@cks.  It seems bl@cks are always angry about something.  It's clearly a situation where you have a race known for its poor impulse control and their ingrained hatred of any race other than their own.  It's also largely attributed to their overwhelming indifference of life itself.  Why else would bl@cks be the #1 customers of Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills?

V.A.B.S have no respect for life itself

Anyway here we go ... Dateline Las Vegas, Nevada --- Young Jonathan Lewis was beaten to death at school by an angry troop of simian attackers when he came to the defence of a much smaller friend.  Lewis and his friend were the only white folks in the crowd when Lewis stood up for his much smaller friend.

The mob of angry V.A.B.s had robbed, kicked, and thrown the smaller boy into a trash can when Jonathan stood up for them.  A witness calling himself "T-Bone" says, "He [Lewis] was all up in this guy's face telling him he needed to stop beating up on smaller people you know?  Then this big black guy, they were all black, sucker-punched him in the stomach and all sh!t broke out.  The rest of his friends and folks he didn't even know jumped in and started kicking and stomping on the white boy [Lewis] and didn't stop till they got tired of it.  Where was the principal or someone anyone?"

That about sums up V.A.B. violence and at the same time, "Public Education" better known as "Government Funded Education."  This boy is dead for going to a school where over 80 percent of it's students are Bl@ck and Illegal @lien Mexican.

I don't know about you, but are you willing to send your kid to a school that is literally 'the deepest darkest jungle' and a known breeding ground for thugs, robbers, drug dealers, and killers?  It's better to have no education at all than to be trained in mayhem, murder, and indifference.

This boy is dead.  The principal and school board have been held blameless.  The violent troop of simian V.A.B.s goes on about its way harassing, robbing, and beating others [especially whites] at will.

Again, I spoke with Mrs. Gardner [name changed to protect the innocent] who says, "A lot of us [white and 'other-than-black'] are pulling our kids out of school.  We'll somehow find the money to send them to private or religious schools or maybe we'll just home school them.  It's not safe for our kids anymore.  Every day you hear about someone who got robbed, threatened, raped, or now killed.  It's just not safe around here anymore."

We reached out and managed to get the testimony you heard earlier.  We also found out that, weeks later, no criminal charges have been filed in this case.  All that is left of young Lewis are his memory and sky-high medical bills racked up in the weeks it took the boy to die.

When are we, the majority, going to step up and cage these minority 'protected classes' and eventually deport them or lock them up forever?  Something's gotta be done and it's gotta be done now, not later.

There may be no 'later'

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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