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Volume 49   EMERGENCY ALERT   November 19, 2019

While the company was formed in 1956, they made an arrangement with foreign backers that helped to establish the FICO [Fair Isaac Corporation] Credit Score in 1989.  Fair Isaac Corporation, based in San Jose, California, was founded by Bill Fair and Earl Isaac.  Backed by Beijing in a ‘backdoor’ arrangement, they obtained financing and support from the Bank of China.

Communist Chinese owned & operated
The ‘backdoor’ was established and continues to be maintained through the opening of FICO offices in China, where they obtain financial support in the form of ‘loans’ through the Bank of China which is entirely owned and operated by the Communist Party of China.  The money provided ostensibly to their Chinese offices, is largely redirected to their American entity where the bulk of that goes to advertising, lobbying government officials, and offering financial incentives to banks and lending institutions through such intermediaries as Goldman, Sachs, their silent partner in the U.S.

Communist Controlled
In a 25 year plan, FICO’s Scoring System was to be complete in the United States by January, 2014, and it was right on schedule.  FICO II will be introduced by 2020 or 2024 depending on the upcoming presidential election.  Here too, a 25 year plan is in place.  That means that in either 2045 or 2049 FICO II is scheduled to be fully implemented.

FICO I is almost entirely dependent on the timely payment of interest on debt.  In fact a heretofore secret algorithm [a tightly kept secret until now.] weighs nearly 94% of a credit score based on the timely payment of interest on debt.  Such factors as time on the job, time in residence, age, marital status, and all others are factored into less than 6% of one’s credit score.  In fact, an average consumer must pay nearly $11,000 in timely interest payment per year in order to maintain a FICO Score of 800 or higher.
Is this what's in our future?

As a general rule scores range from 300 – 850.  This tells you right away what FICO’s real intent is.  Banks are making record amounts in interest as borrowers must pay high interest in order to maintain high credit scores.

Unlike FICO I, FICO II is based on social media history, religious and political affiliation, internet activity, and who you hang out with.  Really!

The threat is real.  Loss of employment, promotion, pay raises, ability to rent or buy a home, higher interest rates on all loans, or outright denial of loans, and even loss of ability to obtain insurance of all kinds are already the results of having a low FICO I Credit Score.

Under FICO II, you’re looking at restrictions on, or outright denial of, medical care, education, employment, and even your right to vote or to run for office.  The right to own a gun or even a long-bladed knife can be denied if you have a sufficiently low Social Score.
Act now, or this can be you or someone you love.
Some government leaders, well aware of the oncoming juggernaut, have already envisioned applying such scores to qualification for various welfare programs.  Some would have this Social Score apply even to Social Security Retirement Income and various other government pensions.

Communism by any other name …

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it.

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