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Covid Vaccines have tainted the nation’s stored blood supply.

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Blood clotting disorders are an increasingly prevalent problem effecting hundreds of thousands of people around the world.  It is fast becoming a pandemic, or so it would seem.  It would also seem that this rash of blood clotting disorders is directly attributable to Covid-19 mRNA vaccines.

Here is the rub:  Hematological Studies in Japan and Germany report that blood donated by Covid-19 vaccinated people should be considered tainted.  Some scientists are calling on blood collection agencies to disqualify anyone who has received 2 or more injections.

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Whether these injections have been effective in preventing or transmitting the virus is still a matter of conjecture with all results being purely anecdotal.  It is, however, becoming clearer every day that Covid-19 vaccines have had unexpected and severely detrimental side effects, especially among young people.

According to Hematology researcher Dr. S. Tanaka, a blood clotting study has revealed not-so-well-hidden dangers of the mRNA vaccine.  Dr. Tanaka says, “We drew blood from 400 previously vaccinated subjects and from 391 unvaccinated subjects.  The results are cause for concern.

Dr. Tanaka continues, “Blood clots were found in blood collection bags.   The seriousness of this situation is what prompted our study.  We collected blood from 400 people, all of whom had been vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.  Tests showed that 6 percent of their blood donations exhibited clotting.  Sometimes visible in the collection bag as ‘hair-like filaments’ these clots rendered the samples useless.  Further microscopic examination revealed many more growing clots in the blood samples.  Clot-prone or clotted blood is worthless and cannot be used.”

Dr. Tanaka went on, “Blood taken from 391 unvaccinated people showed almost no clotting at all.  Clotting showed up only in microscopic examination and accounted for less than 1 percent of samples taken.  Blood quality was well within acceptable medical parameters.”

Dr. Hans Gerber, a colleague of Dr. Tanaka says, “We drew blood from donors both vaccinated and unvaccinated.  Samples taken from vaccinated subjects showed over 40 times the incidence of blood clotting as those unvaccinated.  Clotting was significant in these cases rendering samples worthless.  All samples were drawn, stored, and treated with equal and identical techniques under identical conditions and were evaluated in a double-blind study.”

Its simple folks.  With hundreds of millions of Americans and God knows how many other unfortunates around the world receiving these injections, their blood is forever contaminated

If you have been vaccinated for Covid-19 with 2 or more injections you should disqualify yourself from giving blood because Red Cross will still accept it!

Okay, its only a 6 percent chance you’ll give or get blood clots.  But, if you don’t immediately experience blood clotting you are still getting clot-prone blood and only time will tell what happens to you down the road.  Sooner or later?

Given the huge number of Americans who fell for the Covid-19 gambit, it would seem that their blood is tainted and now our entire stored blood supply has been compromised.  Blood collection agencies are still accepting vaccinated blood and refuse to screen for the presence of the vaccine.

mRNA vaccines are relatively new and have only been in use for a few years.  Already a wide range of unacceptable side effects are being attributed to these still experimental vaccines.  Some researchers expect blood clotting disorders among the general public to reach intolerable and world-threatening proportions within the next 4 or 5 years.

Given the fact that it is already pandemic, I’d say 2 or 3 years.

You listened.  You ignored.  You took the shot.  You’re contaminated.  How does it feel?

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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