Tuesday, March 26, 2024



When the people no longer trust in the electoral system.


It’s a fact that the American people no longer trust the elections in our country.  Recent polls show that 68% of Americans think that elections are either unfair or overtly rigged by one party or another.  23% of those responding said they have faith in our electoral system and that talk of ‘election fraud’ is largely fake news.  The remaining 9% felt that powers unseen in the form of conspirators have already decided the outcome of the General Election.

With such division our nation is in trouble.  The divisions sowed by Democratic Presidencies from Lyndon Johnson to Joe Biden have destroyed the ‘Union’ in the United States of America.  On racial, religious, sexual, political, and financial levels our country is so badly divided that many believe these divisions to be ‘irreparable’.

The result is an overwhelming lack of enthusiasm among voters which results in a low voter turnout and that means that if one party or the other decides to commit election fraud its gonna be a whole lot easier with this smaller pool of voters.  How small?  Surveys say that less than 31% of registered voters are expected to vote in the November General Election.  With so few people going to the polls we’re in real trouble.

Mail-in voting, extended voting days, ballot harvesting, failure to require identification, no paper ballot, and other scandalous practices make it an obvious possibility, even a probability that in the end your vote will mean nothing.  If this is the case as many fear, then the United States of America is already a socialist~nationalist country where votes have no more effect than a fart in a tornado.

If we are doomed to a ‘single-party’ system then we are doomed.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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