Monday, April 22, 2024



Despite health code and ordinance, they bring their mutt everywhere.

It is a clear violation of health code and state law to bring a dog into a grocery store unless it is a bona fide support animal [one trained to perform a specific task to address a specific challenge or situation for a disabled person] such as Seeing Eye Dogs, etc.

Well, I was shopping at the Garden City, Idaho Walmart.  Yes, Walmart, what was I thinking?  This is a nesting place for the flotsam and jetsam of society.  Yes, here is local wormhole which sucks up the less-than-educated, the refugees, the illegal aliens, displaced minorities, and people whose collective family I.Q. still fails to break out of the double-digit zone.

I watched as Magnolia, Clay, Bubba and the young ‘un piled out of their SUV and put junior and their Pit Bull in the shopping cart.  Now, Magnolia didn’t do this immediately but when her mutt became uncontrollable on the leash, she picked it up and dropped Muttley into the basket alongside her small child.

What’s wrong with Walmart?  Why don’t they at least make an effort to stop an obvious ‘pet’ class of animal from being brought in among the fresh fruits and vegetables as it rubs its ass on the basket where someone else will invariably put food?  For that matter, what in Hell’s wrong with these people that they have to take their mutt everywhere they go?  C’mon you Cynos!

For the less educated or informed, a ‘Cyno’ is a Cynophiliac.  Cynophilia is a mental illness manifesting itself in an unhealthy and unnatural attraction to dogs.  These people don’t look like the normal fairly well-educated people I have seen in Idaho, but when they’re done shopping and figuring out how to use the self-service checkout they will pile back into the ‘Hick-mobile’ and make their way to the trailer park from whence they came.

Sad people, really sad.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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