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Joe Biden will NOT win the Democrat Party nomination for President.

By now it must be obvious to anyone, even those products of a public education, that Joe Biden doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning in November.  Dazed and without a clue, Joe’s handlers have taken him as far as they can.  For this senile old bastard there’s no crossing the finish line … not this time.

The Democratic National Committee [DNC] has plans to make sure that ‘Senile Sleepy Joe’ never runs up against Donald Trump.  In even the most ‘generous’ of polls, Sleepy Joe is trailing in virtually every state and it’s only getting worse for him every time he appears in public, speaks in public, whispers in public, or stumbles in public.  He does all of the above.

Riddled with gaffs and outright fabrications [that means ‘lies] Joe recently claimed that he was Vice President during the Covid hysteria.  Bad news for you Joe.  The VP was Mike Pence.  This is what President Trump calls, “Bullshit”.  And indeed, that’s what it is.

Joe’s recent victim was Morehouse College. This was another trial balloon that blew up in his face.  Then again, if you know anything about Morehouse and its abysmal academic standing, you can see why Joe would choose to speak there.  Only a school as scholastically challenged as Morehouse could tolerate Joe’s laundry list of gaffs and lies.

Never mind that Joe was out of office and had been out of office for years before Covid even came.  Well, that’s old Joe, whatta ya gonna say?

This link tells all.

So, if the DNC isn’t gonna nominate Sleepy Joe, then who they gonna call?  Michelle or Hillary top the list of probable Democrat candidates.  Both have the gravitas to give Donald Trump a run for his money.  This is especially true considering the truly ‘state of the art’ capabilities of the latest generation of the Democrat Cheat Machine, the DCM.

So, as the DNC holds their convention in Chicago this August you can be sure the name Biden will not be on their minds let alone their choice.  Joe will retire “to spend more time with his family” as the DNC nominates someone else.  That would be either Michele “Iron Mike” Obama or Hillary “Hell Raiser” Clinton.  Either one of them would seem a much more viable candidate than our current ‘Weekend at Bernies’ president.

Shaping up for the change:  Debates being set up between Biden and Trump will, as one expects, be heavily weighted on Biden’s side.

However, nobody expects Biden to win in any debate with Trump no matter how rigged it is or how many of the ‘answers’ have been slipped to Sleepy Joe the night before.  How many of these answers will be on his teleprompter?

The June debate, and possibly a 2nd one in August, will be the impetus of a Biden’s ouster.

With Biden clearly outmatched, the DNC and virtually all of its members will call for his withdrawal from the race.

The propaganda masters of the American media in all its forms will call for Biden’s resignation or at the very least his withdrawal from the election.  Old friends and colleagues including Barack Obama will call for his withdrawal from the presidential race too.  Joe is not crossing the finish line this time.  Hell, if Democrats have their way he won’t even get off the starting line.

As a last resort to convince him to withdraw, the A-Bomb of influence may be played.  That’s Dr. Jill Biden, the ‘power behind the throne’.  Hell, she’s run the presidency for almost all of Joe’s term.  Dr. Jill has been assisted and even directed by her close associates and advisors Barack Obama, Xi Jin Ping, and Vladimir Putin.  Her connections to these three (3) dictators are undeniable.

So, there ya have it.  Either “Iron Mike” Obama whom many suspect of being a Transvestite and in cahoots with Barack, or “Hell Raiser” Hillary who almost won in 2016.  She came within a whisker of winning through masterful manipulation of the Democrat Cheat Machine.

Rest assured that the DCM [Democrat Cheat Machine] has been polished, and perfected over decades making it damn near impossible not to elect their candidate.  In the words of a prominent Democrat, “With our ‘organization’ we could elect a ham sandwich to the presidency.  We did in 2020.”

Rest assured that there is only one way Donald Trump can win and that is with an unprecedented tsunami of votes from every quarter and sector of society.  The turnout for Trump has to be so ‘in your face’ and blatantly obvious and overpowering that not even the masterful machinations of the Democrat Cheat Machine can prevail against it.

These are my thoughts.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it! 

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