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This USMC vet turned firefighter is dead, and NY Mayor Adams is to blame.

USMC Sgt. Derek Floyd, aged 36, suffered a coronary and died just weeks after being released from the New York Fire Department.  Why was he released?  He was laid off with many others in order for the City of New York to devote more funds to the care and feeding of Illegal Aliens.

Yes, Illegal Aliens, criminal trespassers are getting the leg up while firemen are getting the shaft.  This is what happens when a city becomes a ‘Sanctuary City’ and goes woke!  Mayor Adams has yet more blood on his hands!  It is this writer’s prayer that Mayor Adams burns in Hell.

Derek was an honourable man, a courageous man, a former United States Marine, and a father of two.  He leaves behind his grieving widow and kids struggling to keep a roof over their heads.  It seems the layoff was carefully timed to take place only weeks before firemen like Derek were eligible for a $600,000 death benefit, enhanced medical care, and a place in the retirement fund.

That son-of-a-bitch Adams pulled the rug out from under this brave man, a veteran of three tours of duty in the ‘sandbox’ overseas.  Adams is not a Marine, never was a Marine, never was a soldier either.  His ‘lack of love’ of military men and women is well known among those in his circle of clowns and crooks.

Floyd was one of about 10 Fire Department employees who had been on “long term duty” — either injured on the job and given office work or out sick for an extended period — and fired weeks before Christmas.  This according to FDNY sources.

Well, he was on his way back to full duty and being laid off like this, in a display of treason and disloyal conduct, proved too much for him and his heart gave out.  Left behind are his widow and two small children.  God Bless America?  If you are in New York and you’re reading this, do something about it!

If self-important, ignorant college kids can shut down entire universities on something as bogus as ‘pro Hamas’, then it should be a cinch for mature adults to shut down city hall in New York.  Just a thought.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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